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The Grassy Mound of Notwood Forest.

Croft, Cheshire, England

The Grassy Mound of Notwood Forest.
  • The Grassy Mound of Notwood Forest.

Long, long ago there lived a 10 year old girl named Alice. She lived all on her own in an old run down cottage at the bottom of Notwood Hill. She was an orphan, separated from her parents when she was just 3 years old. She had been taken to an orphanage but the Mistress of the orphanage was cruel so, at the age of 6 she ran away, found the old cottage and made it her home.

One day as she was out collecting timber in NotWood Forest to make a fire (for it was early December and very cold) she heard a strange screeching noise. She looked around and in horror noticed a beast flying above her. It had the head and wings of an eagle but the body of a lion. "A Griffin!" Alice thought to herself. Alice had heard stories about Griffins at the orphanage. She had been told that they were dangerous beasts that loved eating the flesh of human beings. Alice thought this one looked hungry. She froze not knowing whether to run or to stay still. She chose to run. Bad idea.

The Griffin swooped down and was ready to eat her when another beast flew down. This one was a Winged Horse. The Griffin and the Winged Horse had a huge battle. The Winged Horse trying to save Alice and the Griffin trying to eat her.

Alice looked on in fear. She wanted to run back to the cottage while she had the chance but her feet were glued to the spot. After what seemed like hours of battle the Griffin collapsed exhausted onto the ground. All the Winged Horse had to do was drop down on it with its stone solid hooves and the Griffin was dead as coal. Alice only had the time to say her quick thanks to the Winged Horse and it had flown away once more.

Alice never saw the Winged Horse again after that. But the body of the Griffin remains there still. Over the years grass began to grow over the Griffin and, now all it looks like is a grassy mound. But if you're walking in Notwood Forest and you see the grassy mound you'll know what it really is. Won't you?

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Showcase story administrator comments

A myth to explain a local feature. Clearly written, the story features two well know mythical creatures battling for the life of a resourceful but helpless heroine. Careful choice of words builds clear pictures in the reader's mind.

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