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The Bull Girl

As a story once told, about a girl who didnt listen!
A girl who was self Centered and did whatever she wanted when she wanted,

At the back of the village there lived a vast, over lapping cave which every Sunday night a loud noise was heard at exactly 7:30 but know one knew what it was and were to scared to check it out! So the villigers just left it as it went on and on and on for about a month, untill the girl came.

The girl was new to the villiage so know one knew her name, and she got so fed up of the noise that she slammed open her door waking all the village, and she stormed out to the cave behind.

when she arrived she saw what nobody was expecting to see...blood stained walls, rotted boddies and a horrid stench that almost knocked the girl to the floor!

However that didnt stop her from stopping whatever the noise was. Everybody was shouting to the girl from all the windows "STOP" "DONT GO" "COME BACK" !!!!!!!! but she carried on!

When she got deeper into the cave the stench got worse and a huge shaddow loomed over the wall above. All of a sudden, a loud boom came from above and a blood thirsty, black thing (which the girl described as a bull crossed with a shark with fangs) slammed itself on the floor infront of the girl, However knowbody could save the girl now it was to late...

The girl's screams echoed through the cave, which made all the villigers scared to the bone! Now she knew what the bang was, she couldnt save herself, she was thrown firecly into a cupored with the rest of the boddies ready to be eaten for lunch.

45 years later people were still talking about the girl, and that night the girls head was found in a bush that had bulls body and legs.



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