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An Idol Mind Becomes The Devil's Workshop.


Once upon a year long, long ago there lived a man called Gilbert who lived in Warwickshire. Now gilbert was a saint always went to church and hung around with the nicest of people. But there was one person that was not so nice, but it was his best friend.

One day Gilberts friend called Henry dared Gilbert to kill the black night in armour, the one by the old crooked castle door. Gilbert stood there with his eyes and mouth opened wide in shock. Why would I do such a thing said Gilbert to Henry. Because I will give you enough shillings to fix the church, Henry was very rich.

Gilbert always longed to fix the church so he considerd it. The next day Gilbert met Henry at the Church where the black knight stood still, Henry brought the knife so Gilbert took a dramatic swing at the knights head and it came off! within a second the Devil was in there presence and spoke slowly with his mischevious evil voice "you have killed the knight in church precences" said the devil "the consequences are Hell,

Hell or Hell your choice" Henry said cheekily what was the second one again the devil didnt have time for jokes so he took Henry and Gilbert to HELL!!! and that was all the villagers heard of those two kids ever since.

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