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A Long Death

A myth submitted to the site by Maeve McMillan

Tadworth, Surrey, UK

Suddenly slowly very slowly the dragon’s neck was lifting! Everyone especially Piers Shonks was scared because if they didn’t succeed it would be his fault.

Now half of his men shouted and screamed! Piers Shonks said faintly at the top of his voice “have faith my young warriors.
Then straight after the other half said” how can we have faith if were about to be supper for this dragon” they said!
Piers Shonks said” How do you know? Suddenly every single one of them pointed to a dead sheep lying next to the dragon! “Don’t point its rude!” said Piers Shonks.

Outstandingly for everyone the dragon said” good! I’ve got company this is going to be fun! “
How lovely and pleasant” said one of the men called maverick.”
Ha ill get my fire ready for roasting you! You all of you! “Ill have the best meal I’ve had in years” laughed the dragon.

I thought that dragons were only in fairy tales! Did you know? Well enough of me talking like that because dragons did exists well at least I think they did! Tatar! That means bye-bye but all I’m going to do is go back to the story.

“You won’t want to eat me I’m all skin and bones not much flavor in me! I think someone quit fat will be tasty!” said one of the men! ‘Like Ryan over there! He’s a cubby boy!
“Hey I could be offended!” said Ryan. “
Could we concentrate on the dragon please blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! God do they ever stop chatting? There about to fight a dragon! Anyone listen to Piers Shonks because he’s right, he’s very right back to the fight.

The Dragon was already trying to roast half of a man until bravely Piers Shonks leapt onto the dragons back! Aah the dragon yelped out a giant screech and said “GET OF YOU GIANT YOU’RE HEARTING ME”
“That’s the point” said Piers struggling!
‘Fine” said the dragon!!!!!!!

Suddenly without warning the dragon took a breath and breathed out a load of fire and sadly that took Piers of his concentration and straight after that the dragon took a claw and grabbed Piers by the neck. Luckily piers had a pocket knife in his shoe he reached to grab his knife but it stabbed his foot and he thankfully wriggled out and just before he quit a distance and he stabbed the dragon in the neck.

After that the dragon fell to the ground! and just after that the Devil himself came and said “ What are you doing killing my favorite dragon? how about I kill you! except it didn’t turn out how the devil thought it would instead it turned out him being killed and red blood spilling everywhere all the crops and trees growing again and this is what the men said “we have slade the dragon hurray” .

By Maeve McMillan
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