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Arachna the Girl and Athene the Goddess


Arachna was a girl who lived in Greece a long time ago.
She loved to watch her mother weaving on the loom.
When she got a bit older her mother said she was old enough to weave on the loom.

Arachna became the most brilliant weaver in Greece.
People came from all over Italy to watch her working. Arachna got boastful and one day an old woman came to watch her weaving."Very good my daughter,very good" the old woman said.
Arachna said nothing.
After a while Arachna said somthing,she said "I know I am very good, in fact, I'm probably better than Athene herself!"
At that the old woman transformed into...the goddess Athene!!!

"Fine" said Athene;" thats settled then".
"W..W..Whats settled?? stuttered Arachna."The contest between you and me to see who is the better weaver".
Soon the whole town knew about the contest.
On the day Arachna and Athene sat beside two weaving looms.
They both weaved like lightning. Arachna's weaving was so good the people could almost hear it speaking to you. Athene's weaving was soo good the audience's brains actually told them the weaving was talking to them!!

When Arachna realised she had lost she was soo upset she went outside and hanged herself on a tree.
When Athene the goddess came outside she saw Arachna and felt sorry for her.
Athene touched Arachna and said "may you weave your webs for ever more". Arachna turned into a spider and started weaving a web.

This is why we call spiders arachnids.


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