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The Smonsterrr Saving

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Spain

Centuries ago, in the old age, there was a ship about to leave the coast of Spain. It left for a cruise, after a few hours into the trip, a little boy called Harry spotted something in the sea…

It was the Smonsterrr! Harry ran to his father and told him everything. Unfortunately his father didn’t believe him, so Harry left the King Neptune suite (where his parents room was) and went to play diving!

As Harry was only young and couldn’t read a word he didn’t understand the warning that read the following:
Harry walked across the railing as happy a Larry and then he slipped! He fell head first and his screams were drowned as he hit the water.

The Smonsterrr was a kind and loving creature but was taken for something else; it was feared to be a terrifying, life taking monster that lurked the dark mysterious seas.

It had a dark, murky green skin and it was also scaly and rough, it had spikes at the top of its head and had a tail as rigid as a spear.

The Smonsterrr lifted Harry on his neck and propped him up onto the boat, Harry lay there unconscious, his father James saw HIS son and the SMONSTERRR just staring at him, he didn’t think and just ran to get a sword from his suite. Harry’s father struggled to find a weapon, he went to his suite and yanked the sword from the built-out picture of King Neptune, as the sword was in James’s clutch, strangely the eyes on the picture lit up blue twice and went back to normal, James didn’t care, when he got to his son and the Smonsterrr he threw the sword from quite an extreme distance.

It then aimed at a new target as the wind blew in a different direction! It was about to hit Harry! The Smonsterrr swerved its huge neck in front of Harry as the poor boy was still out cold. The sword hit the Smonsterrr and strangely its eyes lit up blue twice and went back to normal it then drooped back into the sea.

James ran to Harry and held his boy in his arms, Harry shook his head and called for his father who was above his eyes, he comforted his child, Harry then explained to his father on how the Smonsterrr had saved his life. He was grateful and sorry.

He then one day saw the Smonsterrr’s great large neck!

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