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A Ghost in the Elevator


We were waiting in front of the elevator door.
"_this is really a very old elevator" Nicholas commented
I looked at him, he had golden hair and blue eyes, he was really very handsome.
finally, the elevator door opened, we got in.
I clicked on the eigth floor button and the door closed slowly and noisily.
We were waiting as the elevator was moving slowly upwards.
suddenly, it stopped and the light was switched off.
"What happened?" I asked
"_It's electricity again, iI suppose" my brother Nicholas replied.
In the complete and dense darkness, I felt Nicholas moving in the narrow elevator searching for the alarm buton.
I was waiting to hear the alarm but no sound was made.
the alarm button wasn't working.
here we were, stuck in a dark elevator waiting.
"_Rina, we've got to get out" Nicholas said.
the next second, I heard Nicholas tapping at the elevator door calling for help.
i joined him and we bothe kept tapping, punching and shouting at the elevator door.
But one thing stopped us, one single voice, one single statement :" no one will hear you!"
We turned slowly to face one boy, one single child.
he had dark hair, dark eyes and he was floating like soft wind and illuminating the elevator with a soft weak light.
I felt Nicholas hand searching for mine.
when he found it, he dragged me behind him making from his own body a shield to protect me.
_"Who are you?" Nicholas asked with unsteady voice.
_"I am michelle, I was here fifty years ago.
I was stuck in this elevator just like you....
for hours and hours, I kept calling for help but no one came to me. I felt very abandoned and forlorn........
I wanted to make you feel what I felt, to make you suffer like I suffered"
Nicholas grip tightened on my hand although U could feel his hand shivering.
I didn't expect this from my brother but he really said: "Michelle, I don't believe in ghosts, you're dead and you can't hurt us. Wether you keep us here or not, it won't change the fact that you're a ghost. Look, I am really sorry for what happened to you but there's nothing we can do"
there was a long moment of silence, I watched mchelle's face
I could tell that he was convinced and touched.
after a while, we heard the long noisy door of the elevator opening and Michelle disappeared.
We were standing there unbelieving what had just happened.
finally, we got out and were looking forward to our warm and comfortable beds.

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