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The Monkey's Paw

The white family were perfectly normal they had a nice house good friends and a good reputation that was until they were given the monkey's paw.

The white's had one son called Herbert he worked with his father in the ironworks.

Sargeant major-morris was back from his time in the war and with him he had brought gifts and one such gift was the monkey's paw.

One day when he was in the area he visited the White's and told them of his adventures and battles. Herbert, who was a slightly greedy boy, asked without so much as a 'hello' or 'how are you' asked: 'Did you bring me a present?' His mother gave him a chilling look but the Sargeant laughed, reached into one of his suitcases and brought out the monkey's paw.

'OOOO how creepy' he exclaimed 'It's magical.' said the sargeant 'it will grant you three wishes.' 'Pfffft! as if!' scoffed Herbert but he still took it. He liked it because it was gross and creepy but he didn't believe it had magical powers and so, when the sargeant left, he placed the paw on a cusion and soon forgot about it.

A few days later his father said: 'Herbert! Have you made a wish on this monkey paw yet?' 'No! of course not that stuff is for babies!' 'Do you mind if I have a go?' asked his mother. 'Yeah allright said Herbert turning up the music on the wireless. His mother picked up the paw and said 'I wish for 200 pounds!' the paw did nothing and no money came. Until the next day.

The next day at work there was and accident, it turned out Herbert had been messing around and as he was running around in the upper sections of the factory he tripped and fell into a hot pool of molten iron. Of course the iron killed him in a matter of seconds, his parents grieved and for compensation they recieved 200 pounds.

'The paw!' shouted Mrs White. 'The paw worked! we got 200 pounds! its what I wished for!' Mr white stared at her but he knew it was true but at what cost had they recieved the money? 'Bring him back!' shouted Mrs White histerically. 'Do it!' she yelled throwing an ornamental vase at her husband. Doubts lurked at the back of his mind but reluctantly he made the wish. The monkey's paw did nothing. Until the next day.

Mr white was sitting in his armchair smoking a large cigar and Mrs White was staring into the fire misty eyed and distant. Knock, Knock, Knock. The sounds rang clearly through the house and Mrs White jerked up suddenly. 'It's him, I know it is! No-one else would call at this hour!' It was very late coming up to 2 o'clock in the morning. Mrs White lunged for the door and almost ripped it off its hinges.

The person outside was Herbert but not as his parents knew him. He was a mass of blistering sores what skin that wasnt covered in sores was completely blackened. He was literally melting and if it hadn't been for the fact that he was wearing tattered clothes he wouldn't of been recognisable as a person at all. He smiled but the smile was menacing he made to step over the threshold. But Mr White leaped up and slammed the or shut. 'Whay are you doing?' screeched Mrs White. 'He's not our son don't you see? He's a monster!' At that moment Herberts fists crashed against the door and he let out a mighty roar of hatred. 'He's mutilated and filled with hatred!' and with that he grabbed the monkey paw and wished: 'Make my son dead forever!' and this time the wish was instant, the banging stopped Mrs White opened the door and no-one was there.

In the days that past the White's got a telephone call, it was the Sargeant. 'Why the hell did you give us that paw?' yelled mr white down the phone. The Sargeant replied: 'An old holy man gave it to me on my travels he had cast a spell on it, he wanted to show that fate ruled over peoples lives and anybody that intefered with it did so at their own risk.' and with that the phone disconnected leaving Mr White in a state of shock.

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