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My Friend the mermaid

A myth submitted to the site by Hannah Rooney

Wolwerhampton, West Midlands, England

I woke up, what a fantastic dream I had, I dreamt that I actually had friends that cared about me and not just liked me because my father was a millionaire. I pulled on my Reebok track suit, brushed my hair and shouted up the stairs “bye mam bye dad I’m going out ok”. When my mam eventually replied “Megan wait” I was already on my way out of the garden gate.

Today I was going to reach the huge bolder half way up mount Snowdon, and do some sketching but when I finally reached the bolder I was red in the face and panting like a dog that had just ran to Australia and back. To my surprise there was already someone sitting against the bolder; she had glossy, long, blonde hair, big sea blue eyes and a beautiful sea shell tied swan like neck. She smiles at me, a smile that would make a man who had just been shot smile like he had just won the lottery.
“Hi my name is dolphin, what’s yours?” she says.
“My name is Megan ur…”I reply. “Want to be friends” she cuts in. Hang on was she asking me to be her friend and I haven’t even told her my dad is a millionaire. Quickly I turned around to check if my dad is behind me holding up a flashing neon sign saying I’m Megan’s dad and I am a millionaire. He isn’t, that must mean she wants to be my friend properly. “Sure” I say overjoyed “so what shall we do”.

Today was the best day of my life. Me and dolphin drew together, played tag, danced to music on her Ipod and I’m meeting her tomorrow as well! When we finally got down from Mount Snowdon, Dolphin hugged me so hard that my eyes popped out of their sockets, so then I sprinted back home and jumped over the garden gate like it was an Olympic hurdle but as I got in my mam started lecturing me about never to go out without my phone.

I did the washing up for her so she forgave me and I was so happy I even laughed at my dads jokes which are so unfunny they make onions cry! The next day I get up, get changed and pour my breakfast down my throat. I was meeting Dolphin at the Red Dragon Café and I did not want to be late. I walk through the café door as casually as I can and order two slices of Barra Brith, I see Dolphin and carry the cake over to her but when I look at her big blue eyes they look red and puffy like she had been crying” Hi dolly what’s the matter?” I say as I take a big bite out of my Barra Brith.

“Um… Megan I need to tell you something I… I…I’m a mermaid” she stammers. I chock on my Barra Brith”Yeh right” I snort. “Its true it’s true I will prove it! Meet me at the abandoned canoe boat at midnight, you’ll see” says Dolphin firmly as she storms out the door and abandons her Barrow Brith “ok “I squeak. Its 11.55pm, beads of sweat are trickling down my forehead. I put my starry dressing gown over my hello Kitty nightie. ”Ok here it goes” I whisper as I tip toe down the stairs and open the huge front door. After that I walk down the path leading to the beach. As I do I speed up because I see a girl with glossy, long blonde hair getting ready to jump off a rock into the sea ITS DOLPHIN! “Dolphin stop “I scream but I’m too late. She has already jumped into the sea.

As I drop down to my knees in despair a blond hair girl with a fish tail jumps out of the water onto a rock. “Told you so” she teases her scaly tail glowing in the darkness. I can’t believe my eyes. I’m dreaming I know I am but I pinch myself to make sure “OUCH “ I cry rubbing my arm”Ok Dolly you’ve proved me wrong. Lets go back to our houses now” Dolphin flashes me a sad look “ there’s one more thing I have got to tell you Megs” she says tear rolling down her cheeks” I live under water in my Village called Atlantis and the King is moving and we have to follow him.

A wave of sadness washes over me “Dolly don’t go please stay, you are the only true friend I ever had” I cry tears pricking in my eyes” I have to it’s the mermaid law but take this to remember me by” she cries handing me her shell necklace” Bye Megs” Dolphin swims off in to the distance “Bye Dolphin “I sniff. As I walk back to my house I spot a piece of paper tucked inside Dolphins shell necklace. I open it – it says Best Friends forever Dolphin & Megan!

By Hannah Rooney
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Name: Shanice 5th November 2009
Name: Lollypop 18th October 2009
Im my gosh that is sooooooo good!it should be published as a book!!! Hannah you rock!!! im your like biggest fan
Name: Veronica 30th September 2009
hi han that was good and i rate 4 star and it was very good and very long story !!!!
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