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A myth submitted to the site by Catilin Harper

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Once there was a wise young man and he was called St David but what you don’t know is how he got to be a Saint. David was only 10 when he became a saint and this is how the story goes.

David lived in a small village in Northern Wales. The village was at the bottom of a gigantic mountain, now I know what you’re thinking but it is not Snowdon. The mountain was actually called Ghost Mountain. It was a very eye catching scene but the story goes that when you go past the silver rock the three Ghosts will come for you, so not many people ever went passed the silver rock and those who did were never seen again.

David’s mom met the two Ghosts just after he was born when se was having a picnic by the silver rock with her new born son. The ghosts dragged her and took her to their lair where, well lets just say she’s a ghost now the rest we will leave to your imagination.

David has never seen his mom since. His Dad always told him someone else had taken her and ran off to another village but when he told the story he had a terrifying look on his face, David knew that wasn’t the whole story and something even more sinister had happened.

David was scared of nothing. And everybody in his class tried to scare him but they had no chance but there was one little girl in David’s class called Jodie who was ready for the adventure. So they set off at twelve in the afternoon. It was an enormous vast hill but they were up for a challenge. They climbed up past the silver rock as fast as their legs could carry them until they reached the ghosts cave.

They tiptoed into the dark tunnel and found the two ghosts fighting over the TV remote while the third, David’s mom was knitting with some wool. They slowly crept in and David went to grab the ghost bottle out of his rucksack and tried to go and run behind the weary ghost’s but it was no use! The three ghost’s saw him before he could even touch their see through bodies. So Jodie grabbed David’s rucksack and found the ghost catching bottle inside. She quickly unscrewed the bottle and the ghosts were pulled in before they could attack David.

As they returned past the silver rock there was David’s mom, the spell had been broken. There eyes met and they both cried with joy that they were finally reunited.
So no one else was hurt ever again thanks to St David and his companion Jodie.

By Catilin Harper
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