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The horrifying Yeti

A myth submitted to the site by Luke Harper

wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom

One day in the terrifying weather on top of Mount Snowdon there lived a hideous yeti whose name was Chucky. Today thousands of tourists would come and climb Mount Snowdon this is Chuckey’s favourite time of year because he gets to devour every tourist who comes past his cave!

The walk began. There was one person who wanted to face Chucky in hand to hand combat and her name was Jenny. She had packed lots of gear including a blue and white water bottle, a two foot long silver shovel and a climbing hammer so she could be prepared for whatever came her way before she got to Chucky.

Up in Mount Snowdon Chucky was getting prepared. He was putting on his fingerless gloves and preparing his cauldron for every person who he catches. Chucky was looking forward to his human feast, salivating as he worked.

Most of the tourists were walking, but Jenny was eager and was running confidently up the mountain to meet her ultimate foe, Chucky. Jenny had to slow down occasionally as her route was blocked, good job she packed her shovel. She knew this was chucky’s doing. Jenny took thirty minutes to clear each obstacle she came to which took most of the day, and by the time she reached Chucky’s lair it was nightfall.

The outside of Chucky’s lair was scattered with hiking clothes with the occasional bone on show. Jenny crept into the cave tip toeing slowly as not to disturb Chucky but he was waiting for her. Jenny looked round, Chucky was ready to pounce but didn’t, why? Chucky had never seen such a beautiful woman in his life and instead of devouring her starred into her brown eyes. Jenny said “hello”, Chucky just giggled and handed her a rose flower.
Who would have believed Chucky the fierce yeti would fall in love.

Suddenly hundreds of villagers arrived to kill Chucky; the whole village had come out to hunt him. Chucky grabs Jenny and sprints into his cave and into a secret passage the villager’s wont be able to find.

Chucky and Jenny flee the country and make there way to Mount Everest in the Himalayas to live with Chucky’s brother Mike. To this day people are still too scared to go up Mount Snowdon in case Chucky returns to hunt them again.

By Luke Harper
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