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A myth submitted to the site by Will Turner

West Midlands, England

Once, in a land far far away(Wales)there was a small village which comprised about 505 people. Next to the town there was a mountin called MT Philosphy. In the mountain was a cave, with stalagmites and stalagtites. And in the cave lived a dragon!!!

But this was no ordonary dragon. It didn't breath fire or kill people. Atually,it did quite the opposite, it looked after them! And all it ate was leeks and daffodils. Also its name was Robert Croft!

One day the whole village was having a huge feast because the Mayor had seen the the robin of spring. At first it was fine, but then the stomping came. The noise came in gigantic burst,making tables shake and wine bottles explode.
"aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh"screamed the mayor and his wife in perfect unison. Everyone ran outside leaving the turkey uneaten on the table.
"Oh well, mabye someone will come in and eat me later" the turkey said,depresed. Back out side, what every one saw made them scream or be sick in horror(the Mayor screamed)

What it was nastly. Absolutly terrifying. It was a giant. It was a Scottish ! Wearing a kilt!!!!!!
"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh"every one screamed."save us Robert"
As soon as Robert was about to doze of,he heard the cry of doom and went to there rescue. In about 5 second there will be a mighty show-down.Giant v.s Dragon!who is going to win?

As soon as the giant sees the dragon he rips loose one of his throing stars his belt and lops it at its arm. It hits its target and his arm falls of.
"aaaahhh"shrieks the dragon. Robert strikes with his tial,but beforehe could complete his strike the giant gets his sword out and stabs him!!!Robert makes these choking noises then dies.
"now,puny people i rule now!"

By Will Turner
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