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God's Punishment

Once in the mountainous areas of Alps lived a Jewish elder called Jack. The church where he worked was built on top of a small mountain, but his house was on the narrow plain at the foot of the mountain. Every day when the sun rose, he would get out of his house, passing a few fields and across a river to his working place.

There was a golf course on the way up the mountain. Every time he passed the golf course, the people inside the fence would greet him enthusiastically. In return, he would greet them with a gesture representing God. Generally, his would not stop for long. But in fact, from the bottom of his heart, how he want that he could join them in the golf activities.

He still remembered clearly that how he loved golf when he was young. But now in the weekdays he had to do his routine things. So what about the Sabbath? Yes. They were free, that means he must rest according to the Doctrine. How could he go against the Doctrine only to satisfy his desire for golf?

He was constantly taught that God knows everything. But as the desire grew gradually in his heart,he began to think that even God might not notice such a small action.

Once on one Sabbath Jack finally failed to control himslf to go to the golf course. As the Sabbath, there wasn't a person on the pitch so that he was very excited but still worried. He thought as no one was on the pitch, he wouldn't be seeing playing golf on such a special day and so of course he could have a good time. On the other hand ,only he broke the rule made by God. But he still couldn't beat himself,so he started to play.

At beginning, as he was still afraid of being seen playing golf and had not played golf for long, he played not very well. Just at that moment an angel happened to pass by .When the angel noticed Jack ,a Jewish presbyter representing God,was playing golf, he was so angry that he went to complain to God.

The angel told god. God was so angry to hear it that he decided to punish him. Then, since the third swing, something incredible happened. Jack hit the ball into the hole with only one stroke. And he continued his amazing performance in the following holes, all with one hole. "What a beautiful stroke!" Jack was very content with himself. When he was to hit the seventh hole, the angel was puzzled and ask God," My God, you did the opposite, what's wrong with you?" God said to the angel calmly,"I have already punished him." But until he finished the ninth hole, he still could hit the ball into the hole with perfect result.

At this moment, the angle was confused ,what was the punishment? Driven by his curiosity the angle went to ask god. on his arrival, he started to complain without a pause. At last, god interpreted him and asked :"it was great achievement,isn't it? it made him happy, didn’t it? "He stopped for a while before he continued. At last, he said peacefully: "bear it in mind everyone need others to share his happiness. If there isn't anyone with him when he has such a great achievement, what will he feel?”

This story reminds me of one sentence I ever read before --- my happiness, stay around your smile . To some extent, I think this has shown the real happiness to us. We all look for happiness, but happiness is not selfish. As is often the case, one's feeling of being happy will be a lot greater if he knows there is also someone being happy for what he has achieved. In this way, happiness has increased through partaking. I once was wondering why those great men felt happy for their contributions to the people, for the country. And now I may find the answer . They feel they are joyous because what they've done has brought happiness to others . This is share, this is happiness, and happiness needs sharing.

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