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Why A Snake Has No Legs

You may sometimes wonder why snakes have no legs. Here is why:

Long ago, before humans ruled the Earth, the animals lived on the Earth, in a giant forest. One day, Monkey, who is usually the boss of everything, said, "I'm sick of the rain always falling on us. We need some shelter. We should build a big hut that can hold us all in it when the rain comes on, we can all come in here and keep dry!" Everyone agreed that this is an excellent idea. So, it was decided to build a big hut. "Okay, tomorrow we will be starting cutting down some trees for wood to build with." said Monkey.

The next day, everyone started cutting down trees. However, Snake, who had legs at this time, just sat in a tree all day long, and rested. "Come and help us, Snake!" said Giraffe, reaching up her long neck to speak to him. But Snake replied in a very lazy voice, "No, I can't be bothered." "Well, try and help tommorow, okay?" "Fine." said Snake, nodding off to sleep.

The next day, Monkey told everyone to carve the wood they had collected the day before. Everyone set off to work. Snake still just stayed in his tree, resting. Then Giraffe said, "Hey, Snake, you said you would help! Get up!" "Oh, not today, but I will tommorrow, but only if you pull me out of the tree and make me work," said Snake, in a snobby voice. "Okay, it's a deal!" said Giraffe.

The next day, they were sticking the wood together with very sticky gravel. They made a big pile of gravel on the ground, beside Snake's tree. "Okay, lazy bones! Get up, get up, get up!" yelled Giraffe to Snake. Then she pulled him out of the tree, but he fell into the pile off gravel, feet first! "HELP! HELP! MY FEET ARE STUCK IN THIS GRAVEL!" screamed Snake, at the top of his voice. "Oh no!" said Monkey. Monkey tried pulling Snkae out of the gravel, but he wasn't strong enough. So he went to get the strongest animal in the forest, Elephant. Wheen Elephant tried pulling Snake out of the gravel, he pulled so hard that Snake came out, but his legs had come off!

And that is why snakes don't have any legs.

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