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A special journey to Chang Xu Kingdom

A myth submitted to the site by VictorQ


Once upon a time, a scholar went visiting Korea with the envoy. Their ship, however, was blown to a strange country named Chang Xu Kingdom by a gale. The country had a large population, and what rewards taking notice of is all the people wear long beards, regardless of ages or gender. The language there is similar to the scholar’s, and the architectural and clothing style just had slight differences. Having arrived at a strange country, the scholar walked along a rational line to have a taste of this land. To his joy, people there showed special respect to him.

One day, a pair of soldiers came to the place where the scholar lived, saying that the king would like to call the scholar personally. Hearing this, the scholar dare not to delay and got on the carriage immediately.

Walking for a couple of days, the group of troops arrived at a castle, which was guarded by a lot of soldiers. Then the scholar got in the palace to answer the call from the king. After looking at him up and down for a while, the king found he was not only outstanding, but also very handsome. So, the king appointed him the “Si Feng Zhang”, who took over winds, and let him marry the princess. The princess was very beautiful except for the several long beards on her face. Although the scholar got the high position and great wealth after becoming the consort prince, he felt depressed every time he got home when he had to face his long beards wife.

Before long, the king held a Party at a full moon night. The scholar saw that all of the concubines had the long beards. So he read a poem: “The flower without buds won’t be beautiful, the female without beards also won’t be ugly. The wife's father tries to dispatch always not to have, was inferior not necessarily always has.” Upon hearing this the king laughed: “My son-in-law, are you still discontented with my daughter’s long beards?”

In the following several years, he had a son and two daughters. One day, he discovered that the king and the ministers were all worried. He asked them what had happened. The king cried:“We are in great trouble and only you can save us.”He said in surprise:“If I can, I will try my best until die.”Then the king ordered the soldiers to prepare boats. Two messengers followed him and said:“Please go to see the Dragon King of the sea. Tell him that the Chang Xu Kingdom is in trouble and ask him for help.”
“All right, I’d like to go.”
“Our country is quite small, and the Dragon King may not know us. So, remember to remind him again and again.”
“OK, I will.”

The ship reached the crystal Palace soon after it started. The scholar then requested to be received. The Dragon King, who immediately met the guest in the Palace, was friendly and easy-going. The scholar reported to the Dragon King factually when asked. The Dragon King was surprised to hear about the Chang Xu Kingdom and arranged his men to investigate. After a few minutes, the soldiers reported:” There isn’t a kingdom named Chang Xu in our area.” “How could it be? It’s the 7th island of the 3rd branching stream in the East Sea,” responded the scholar. Again the Dragon King ordered his men to investigate. Soon, the man returned, saying that:” The ‘Chang Xu Kingdom’ is just your meal these days and it was caught the day before yesterday.”

The Dragon King laughed,” You must have been tricked by those shrimp goblins. Although I am the Dragon King of the sea, I must eat as the sky rule says. I can’t eat as my own wish. However, I will break the rule for you this time. I will eat less shrimps today. Come with me, young man.”

The Dragon king took the scholar to the kitchen. When he came in, he saw ten huge iron boilers. Each of them was as big as a house. In one of them, there were many red shrimps which were as big as arms. Suddenly, one of them saw the scholar. He began to jump ceaselessly. It seemed that the shrimp was asking him for help. Someone told the scholar that he was just the shrimp king. The scholar felt very mournful. “Oh!!! My father-in-low, my wife, my children and all my friends will soon be the Dragon King’s food.” he thought. “I will set them free, I promise.” the dragon king said, “And I will send you home.” He soon commanded two of his servants to set this boiler of shrimps free and take the young man home. In only one night, the scholar got back to his home, Tang Dynasty. When he turned back to say “thank you” to the servants, he amazedly found that the two servants had changed into two huge dragons.

By VictorQ
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