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A Daytime Dream

Winterberry, England

It was a cold day in the town of Winterberry. As Ruby was taking a walk she thought about what she was going to get for Christmas. She thought to herself 'maybe Ill get a new myths book!!' Ruby loved myths and legends more than anything in the world!

As she was waddling along in the snow she realised she could hear two sets of footprints. She looked behind her, but all she could see was the path of snow that she was walking on............and two sets of footprints!! She began to worry. She started to walk faster, then jog, but it turned into a run. As she looked back she could still see another set of footprints following her. Ruby then turned around to see a tree in her face.......

She woke up feeling dizy and sick. She layed there for a sec, dreaming about christmas. She saw hersef opening a present that turned out to be the myths book she wanted! Then, suddenly, her family dissapeared before her very eyes!

She realised she was the day.........and started to shakely stand up.
As she started to walk home it got foggy. When got half way home she could'nt see anyhting in front of her. She started to panic. She slowly walked infront. As she did, the fog incredibly dissapeared! Ruby jogged the rest of the way home, and by this time it was about 7:00pm. She kept thinking to herself 'why is lots of wierd things happening to me?! First the two sets of footprints follwing me, second the dream and then the fog that suddenly dissapears?'

When she got home she went straight to bed, really excited because it would be christmas day the next day!
Ruby woke up, jumped on her mum and dads bed to wake them up, and then sprinted down stairs to open her presents. When her family came down-stairs she opened her first present. As she carefully pealedthe rapping paper off, she read the words that were finally revealed. It read 'The 50 best Myths of all time'. Ruby was so happy!!! When she looked up to thank her family, they weren't there.......just like her daytime dream.

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