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The Grey Sky

Once there was a little girl called Keely. She lived with her grandparents in Louisiana. Keely loved playing in any kind of weather, as long as it doesn't get dark. After a few years Keely became athletic, but still likes to play.

One day she went outside for some fresh air. When she stepped outside it was almost pitch black. Keely heard children crying and adults shouting out, "help!" Her grandparents knew what was wrong. "My dear people have been polluting the air by airplanes and the Sky God did not like it at all so he made the sky grey" said her grandpa.

Then Keely had a great idea. She is going to send a rocket with a letter attached to it, but where is she going to get a rocket? Surprised and amazed her friend Elisa had a rocket Then she fired it in the sky. Mysteriously down from the sky came another letter floating down from the sky from the "God of the Sky" and it said ''I will change it to blue if YOU STOP DRIVING AIRPLANES IN THE SKY because you are making me cough and that makes the sky even more grey" signed the Sky God.

This made Keely curious because how would people travel? Once again they sent another letter by rocket. Now Elisa is becoming ill, she had the flu. Keely now paid no attention to the sky. Straight away she went to see her. Elisa told Keely and her grandparents why she is like that. "I am like this because I am sad and when I am sad I get sick" she said.

After a while Ellisa was better, but the sky was still grey. One day the sky started turning blue again and everybody wondered why the sky god did it. Keely told all the people not to fly too many airplanes or the sky god will get really mad.


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