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A Winter Surprise

A myth submitted to the site by Amy

Florida, United States of America

All of her friends always talked about the snow and how she would hate it. They all went to places during Christmas so she never had any friends around. "I want it to snow!" Dakota yelped.
Then it was Christmas break and she knew her friends would be leaving. So she just stayed inside watching everyone give their hugs and waved goodbye. She was just sitting there thinking about if there was actually snow.
That night she looked out her window and saw a shooting star. "I wish that it would actually snow in Florida." Dakota whispered. That night she fell asleep right by her window where she wished for it to snow.
When she awoke she felt a small drift and then something hit her nose and it melted. "What the-" Dakota started. She noticed her window was slightly open and heard everybody yell.
She looked outside and couldn't believe her eyes. Was she dreaming? "It's snowing!" She yelled. She got outside still in her pj's. She was freezing but it was a good feeling. She fell down and started doing what everyone else did in the movies.
She was making a snow angel. She was getting really tired and found out she fell asleep once more.
The snow was hitting her delicate body. Every snow piece melting. Then she heard emergency engines. "Is she alive?" Everybody shouted. Then she realized snow has buried her.
Then everyone sees the snow lifting up. "It's the real life snowman!" Dakota was confused. She was meaning to yell but she just couldn't her throat was frozen, she could hardly breath.
Then she when she saw people coming at her someone saw her leg. "It's a girl!" Then hair dryers came from every direction. Pulling her left to right back and forward. When the snow melted Dakota felt dizzy, do I have a disease?
She ran to her mother and then real life snowman was here. "Mom!" They had to get fire engines to melt that thing. It was going toward Dakota like it wanted revenge. But why did it want her?
"You disobeyed me!" he yelled. Dakota was confused. "You didn't tell anyone where I was and who I am!" He was furious flames were coming out of his head, literally. Dakota remembered the strange dream she had the night before.
"WAIT!" Dakota yelled so no one would shoot. She was crazy but she jumped in front of the snowman and the trucks got Dakota. "This is Henry the snowman. He's the one of the reasons why we don't have snow."
"I don't have any snow left for Florida." He started. "Just think about this me, Henry didn't pick you guys to have snow because you are unique. You guys have a lot of destruction without me."
Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. "What do you mean!" Crystal one of Dakota's best friend yelled. Then Crystal came over and held Dakota's hand.
"You guys have tornadoes and hurricanes and a blizzard is another thing that is a storm."
"But Florida is just a state." Brookie Dakota's last best friend cam over. They were untied with each other. "WE COULD STOP IT FROM SNOWING!\" Brookie shouted.
"How do you plan on doing that with my whole army of snowmen!"
"The power of friendship." And with that the three girls came over and made a snowball. Dakota needed a little help. So Brookie gave Dakota's her and she made another. They threw it out of their hands. It was galloping through the air.
Then Dakota woke up. "It was just a dream?" She asked to herself. "I know now Florida I do not want it to snow!"
That day forward Dakota always dismissed herself from the subject "SNOW" She realized her life depended on Florida not all of them states with snow like Pennsylvania. Dakota lived a happy life but somebody else wished for snow and it happened again only they had to use their friendship power!

By Amy
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