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How Sun Came To Earth.

Long long ago lived a daughter and a mother goddess. The daughter goddess was called Solus. Solus was a lovly girl with great powers.

In the big dark sky there lived a god called Darmis. Darmis was jealus of solus because she was more powerfull than him.

One day when solus was playing in the garden with her light Darmis snuck up behind her and pulled her out like pulling a huge weed out.Darmis got her and took her up to the sky so fast it looked like they where being blow away by a storm or an earth quke.Where solus stayed for 2,000 years.

Because Solus was not on the earth the world became even colder than when Darmis ust to send rain an wind to the earth.Solus's mother was fed up and broken inside.she did not know what to do to help her daughter.

One cold windy day solus's mother had had enough she got here only fling power and flow up to the sky and fought with Darmis and won him she grabbed her daughter and flow back down to earth.The sky turned darker than ever rain fell heaverly and lightning struck. As soon as Solus landed back on earth see new she had to give somthing for all humons help so throwing her light into the sky and shatering every where only the light stayed up there and made sun.

Solus had returned and the flowers grow and the trees stretched up and birds sang Solus had returned.
Because solus shot her light up to the sky and made sun Darmis could not defeat the sun so he could never make rain.

THAT'S HOW SUN CAME TO THE EARTH. Not that we get any.

Written by Caitlin Age 9 :)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxHOPE YOU LIKED ITxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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