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A little princess

A long time ago, in a very rich, strong country there lived a king and a queen. The king didn't have any boys or girls. One day, the king and the queen went to the forest and had a hunting activities. The king rode a horse and took a handgun, then he saw a fox stayed under a rock and was sleeping. He wanted to kill the fox for his dinner with the queen. Suddenly, when he wanted to shoot the fox the fox ran away and the king followed it. However, the fox suddenly disappeared. the king was very upset and he searched for the fox then he saw a very beautifu women was sleeping on the road. The king woke her up and ask her why she was sleeping in here and where did she come from.

After that the king took the woman to his home and wanted to marry her, but the queen didn't agree and was very upset with king. the queen said that the woman was the fox that he wanted to kill. However, the king didn't believe her and very angry with ger. He took the queen to the jail and locked her for a long time. the king chose a good day and married with the woman which he took from the forest. after a few years the king married the woman, he had a child and she was a girl. the king was very happy and he had a big party with his new queen.

One day the queen brought a lot women to the kindom for the king and the king was very happy with that, actually all the women were the queen's sisters. He listened to the queen and followed, agreed whatever she said. then after a few years, the country wasn't very rich like before and the king was changed a lot. one day the king had a party with his new wife and he drank a lot then he saw his new wife has a tail and he knew that she was the fox and the alcohol he drand was toxic. he was very regret that he didn't listen to his wife and locked her in the jail. at last he died in the party and the queen contraled all the country.

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