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How Giraffes Got Long Necks

Ulsan, Korea

How Giraffes Got Long Necks
  • How Giraffes Got Long Necks

A Long time ago, in a continent called Africa, giraffes had very short necks, about an inch shorter than any normal human’s neck to be precise. All the giraffes thought this was normal-and it was at that time…But here is the story about how giraffes got long necks…

It was a hot summer’s day and all the giraffe families came together to have a picnic. All the little giraffes were playing games and the mothers and fathers were talking. Tim, a little giraffe was playing with 2 of his cousins Tina and Margaret. They were playing with a ball and passing it by bouncing it on their heads.

There was one naughty little giraffe though. His name was Alvin. He really liked to get Tim and other little giraffes into trouble. Tim, Margaret and Tina were all getting very thirsty and tired so they decided to have a rest for a while. Alvin saw that they were not playing anymore so he decided to do something naughty to them. Tim, Margaret and Tina were all talking so they didn’t notice what Alvin was doing.

Suddenly, Alvin came out of nowhere and said “Nah nah you don’t have a ball!”
“What do you mean?” Tina said. Alvin pointed to a nearby tree and the ball was stuck between 2 very high branches. “Oh no!” Tim cried. Then, Tim had an idea.
“How about you carry me so I can get the ball?” He said to Tina. “Ok” she replied.
Margaret just stood and watched. The ball was still too high even when Tina carried Tim. Then Tim called Margaret to come and help.

The next thing you know, Tina was carrying Margaret and Margaret was carrying Tim. It was the funniest sight ever! Finally, Tim could reach the ball-but then Tina lost her balance and fell over. So did Margaret. The only little giraffe that didn’t fall was Tim. This was because his neck got stuck between the 2 branches that the ball was stuck in. Luckily, the ball fell off the tree, but Tim was stuck! ”Ouch!”
Tim thought. Tina and Margaret went to get some help.

All the giraffes were gathered around that tree. Every single giraffe was pulling on one of Tim’s legs. Poor Tim was being pulled so much! The whole family of giraffes were pulling and pulling and pulling! While they were pulling, something very odd was happening. Tim’s neck was getting longer and longer and longer. Finally, after a few hours of pulling, Tim’s head slipped through the branches.
All of the giraffes looked at his odd looking neck.

Tim’s neck was very handy though. He could eat leaves off of a tree without jumping for them and he loved the view of Africa from up there. All the giraffes saw how Tim’s neck came in handy so all of them one after another took turns to go up that tree, get their heads stuck in those branches, and get all the giraffes to pull them. Soon enough, all the giraffes had longer necks than ever.

That is why nowadays you always see giraffes with long necks. That is the story of giraffes and how they got long necks.

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A well thought out example of a story explaining "How...." like Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So' stories. The storyline is simple and clear. It is well told, with good use of words and also repetition at key places.

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