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A Christmas Miracle

Santa is the person who brings us presents at Christmas time, the person who wears a red suit and flies around the world. That's what Alex thought, before his friends told him otherwise. Now he didn't know what to think. Alex was the only kid in Grade 4 that believed in Santa. Christmas was his favourite time of the whole year, decorating the tree, making ginger bread men, decorating the house. This Christmas, he wasn't as excited.

That night Alex lay awake in his bed. His mind was full of questions, wonders, thoughts. Was Christmas really when Santa visited your house or was something else going on? Outside he heard the sound of speeding cars and police cars. The sound of sirens and burning rubber always scared him. This Christmas was starting off to be scary. He wanted Christmas to be over, it was driving everyone mad, literally. He wanted everyone to forget about him believing in Santa. As if that would ever happen. He sat on the staircase and started to cry.

Mean-while in the North Pole.
Santa woke up to the normal routine. Getting dressed, brushing his teeth, eating a breakfast consisting of cookies and milk and going and looking at the reindeers. This may sound like your typical day in the North Pole but it wasn't. What was wrong was that no-one was having any fun. The elves always had fun while they were making toys but they weren't today. Even Mrs. Clause wasn't in the mood to bake sugar cookies.

"Well...umm...umm, I...I don't know how to say this, um... but there is only one kid over the age of 8 that still believes in you" the helper replied hesitantly. "This is an outrage, what is this child’s name!?" Santa asked his face red and eyes dark. “ummm...ahh...his name is Alex" the helper replied. "I must meet this kid at once" Santa yelled.

In a different part of the world.
While I was out buying my Christmas presents I met up with some kids from school. I called them bullies but my Mum called them people who needed friends. They started calling me names like 'kid clause' and 'Santa Kid'. I tried to hide but they just laughed at me. I felt empty, like an egg with no yolk and really stupid as well. Even my best friend thought I was stupid even though he would never say that to my face.

The kids pushed me around like a ping-pong ball. I dropped all of my shopping and felt tears streaming down my cheeks. Why was this Christmas turning out so bad?
Back in Santa’s Land.

It turned out that the tooth fairy wanted to shut Santa down. He said that he was too old to run his own business and that he had talked to the magical fairies association and they agreed. Santa didn't know what to do. Santa had to get out of here, away from everything. He needed to clear his thoughts and be free. The only question is where!? Where could he go? Alex, He could go where Alex was in Melbourne.

I was walking home from the shops with what was left of my presents when I came across a strange looking man. He had a white beard, a red nose and wore a red suit. I know this doesn't sound weird but you haven't heard him laugh. He sounded like... Santa. It couldn't be, could it!?
When I got home Mum asked me what took so long. I wasn't going to tell her about the people at the shop so I just said that I couldn't find anything. I hate lying but this time I had to. The next day on my way to get the newspaper I saw the man again. He was in the exact same place as last time, as if he hadn't moved. I kept walking but heard footsteps behind me.

I look around but no-one is there. I keep walking until something pushes me to the ground. When I wake up the man is standing over me, calling my name. "How do you know my name?" I ask puzzled. “Because I am Santa Clause, I know everyone’s names” The man says. I know it sounds stupid but I actually believed him. "Let’s take a walk while I explain" said Santa.

So after a little bit of talking, thinking, eating and listening, Alex decided to help Santa. So together Alex and Santa went back to the North Pole. Don't ask how his parents agreed, let’s just say that they won't be awake for a while. They took the sleigh.

Once they arrived at the North Pole the Tooth Fairy was already working on the plans for the North Pole when he would be the boss there so Alex headed to the library straight away to find a loop hole in the rule.
5 hours pass!

“I’ve got it, I’ve finally got it” Alex yelled excitedly. “It took 5 hours but I got it” Alex screamed as he fled the library. He ran to Santa to tell him the good news, but what he didn’t remember that Santa see’s you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake, his hearing is also really good. “I found a way” Alex explained, “I know, I know but tell me what you found out” Santa said impatiently as excited as a child on Christmas morning. “Well if you are over 2000 you are too old to run your own business” Alex started” Yes I know this already “Said Santa, “But wait, if both parties are over 2000, which you are, it comes down to a vote” Alex said quite proud” And you would win that vote by a landslide, I mean $1 or lots of presents? It’s not hard to realise that you will win”

So off to work they went. All the Elves were informed and the news quickly spread throughout the whole town and soon reached the Tooth Fairies ears. He was shocked but being the good sport he is (I was payed to write that) he went along with it. The Magical Creatures association agreed to count the votes and be fair.

A day later every child in the world had filled out a form specifying who they liked more and as soon as they filled out the form Santa erased their memories. As soon as the votes were counted everyone was anticipating the big announcement.

“The winner is...” The mayor announced “The Tooth Fairy”
Santa’s face drops, it’s all over that’s it. Alex didn’t think that, he wanted to make sure that was the real result. That night he snuck out of his room and walked across the snow. He asked one of the elves to help him get the town hall open and to show him where the ballet box was. He turned on one of the councillors desk lamps and counted the votes...

Oh my Gosh, Santa won, I don’t know what the Tooth Fairy did but Santa was the real winner. The next day he went to council and showed them the percentage of votes Santa got and then the percentage of votes that the Tooth Fairy got. The council was shocked and immediately made the announcement over the town speaker.

The Elves who were currently packing their bags all laughed with glee and Alex was named a hero and on Christmas morning, everyone woke up with presents underneath their trees.

Miracles only come around only so often but sometimes you need to be the miracle yourself. You must be the change you see in the world.

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