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The Monkey on Christmas Eve

The Monkey on Christmas Eve
  • The Monkey on Christmas Eve

My Mom told me this story when I was about six years old and we were enjoying a chocolate shake in living room. As we sat on the brown couch, she told me…

One Christmas eve, Santa was happily getting ready to leave. He looped the reindeers’ harnesses and hooked them to the sleigh. The Christmas Eve Crane set the presents on the red sleigh, too. Lastly, he said to the elves and Mrs. Claus, “Bye and have a good night.” He lifted off and he went to the first house. A few hours later, he was at the sixtieth house and he passed by the zoo.

A monkey saw Santa and got very furious, because Santa did not stop by the zoo. So the monkey squirmed through the bars and got out of his cage. He scampered after Santa. Santa stopped at the sixty-first house. The monkey waited angrily until Santa finished putting the striped presents under the green tree. When Santa was done he went on to the next house. The monkey jumped down the red brick chimney and tiptoed to the tree. He selfishly took about ten presents then went back up the chimney.

At midnight, Santa was at the very last house, after that he was headed to the cold North Pole. The monkey dashed back to the zoo and opened all of the presents. The next day the Spanish zoo keeper watched the brown fluffy monkey play with the presents. She walked up to the monkey and said “Donde lo hizo usted consiguieron esos presentes? (Where did you get those presents?)” The monkey yelled, “I stole them!”

Then the family that he had stolen the presents from woke up and it was eight in the morning and they went down the stairs and there were only three presents. The parents said “I guess you where naughty. You don’t get a lot this year.” Then their daughter cried and said “Can we at least go to the zoo?” Then the dad said “Yes, but open the three presents that are here. Then we will go to the zoo.” Then everyone said “ok.” A few hours later they went to the zoo.

They saw all of the other animals and then they went to see the monkeys. The daughter said, “Hey, there is the bike that I wanted. It is pink and everything. There is also the purple and pink shoes I wanted, and the stuffed animals. I wish Santa gave me those presents.” The monkey felt really bad and said, “Do you want them?” He knew it was the family he took the presents from, but he did not tell them. The daughter said, “Did you just hear that monkey talk!?” The monkey gave the presents back. Then the little girl and her family lived happily ever after... And the monkey was on the naughty list forever. THE END.

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Showcase story administrator comments

This is joint winner of the under 12 category of the Christmas and Winter competition text stories. Well done.

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