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A Dream Come True

A dream come true

Deep in the heart of America, [new York ]lived the Johnson family they were a very special family. all families are special, but the Johnson’s were just a bit more special. There was mum Rosa or rose for short, dad Daniel or Danny for short, the oldest daughter Michelle and the youngest daughter ruby. Ruby had never seen snow before but all she hoped was one day see would see snow, that was ruby’s biggest dream ever. Ruby seen snow on postcards. On the computer and the TV. Whenever ruby went to bed all she could think and dream about was the snow the shine of it just like pearls and a mix of crystals sparkled in her eyes. The touch of it cold and wet. She imagined herself many times playing with it building, snowmen and snow girls .it was October ruby didn’t give up her dreams that it will snow, in December. But she knew living in America and hopping it would snow was very slim.

Her parents shared her dream with her but her sister was completely the opposite . She hated snow and unbelievably hated Christmas. She loved it until a skiing accident happened to her. It was 16 of October ruby got up and got ready for school Michelle was also getting ready. This caused trouble. “I was here first” Michelle roared. “no I was” ruby also roared . “girls girls can you just stop fighting for one day” gently said mum. “but mum ” both the girls exclaimed .“Michelle you have 3 hours to go until your high school is opening let ruby go before she or she will be late for school”. “ha ha ha” laugh ruby. ruby brushed her teeth, had a bath, combed her hair and went down for breakfast. “ what’s for breakfast today mum”? “jam and toast” dad said in a cheer full way. “yummy great for my tummy” ruby replied .“ok mum and dad I better go to school.” “ok bye honey ” mum said “bye as well said dad”. “well I better get on the move as well .” “ok darling have I good day”. “mum have seen my nail polish” “no dear sorry I haven’t”. “oh don’t worry I have it on my bed”. meanwhile ruby was doing art only her best friend Stella knew about her dream. “I guess you still haven’t given up your hope about it snowing”. “yes your right I haven’t”. “I’ll always support you .” “ thanks you’re a good friend .” at this time Michelle was having a test, which covered maths, handwriting and science.

4.00 a clock the bell rang . “bye Emily said Michelle .“bye Stella” said ruby both of the girls met each other when going home Michelle didn’t talk to ruby and ruby didn’t talk to Michelle. That night ruby wrote a poem about the snow and dreamed about it. In her dreams she saw her self pick up a piece of glass which had some writing and she went to tell Stella and found themselves in lap land and Michelle believed in Christmas again plus Santa had dinner with them and it was snowing . That day it was Saturday and it was the 23rd of December, yes how time had flew.

Ruby was in the garden when something caught her eye h picked a piece and glass which had some writing and she went to tell Stella then ruby realise she was living her dream. Back at Stella house the girls figured out it was a spell. According to the glass the girls had to go though a door to go to Lapland {where Santa lives} and the girls where there. “well ho ho ho how can I help you girls” “I would like it to snow Santa” said ruby “well I am not sure I can do anything about that” .ok thank you for your time” the girls where just about to leave when “oh hang on one second”. “yes Santa” “I nearly forgot I have a weather machine”. to use it just press the weather you would like and it will do that” “its worth a try” said Stella ok the said ruby” thank you Santa the girls said and left the girls had great fun controlling the weather it rain then it was windy then sunny. “I think we could only use the snow button if it doesn’t snow on Christmas day”. “but” no buts ruby said “fine” agreed Stella it was the 25 of December “yes oh yeah Christmas day finally here” “oh be quiet ruby its just Christmas” Michelle said . It was now 4.00 m still no sign of snow. Stella came over “I think we could use it now” “no give it time Stella “how long 82 years” “ you know what I mean” “ok I will see you in the evening”. “ok bye” it was now 5.30 pm Stella’s family came over for Christmas .the girls both agreed it was time to use the snow button .“ready 123” but it didn’t work “oh well” said ruby “came on” “just like that” “we tried are best” the families began to eat “sh was that noise”Michelle said ruby looked out of the windows “its snowing it snowing” “its really snowing” suddenly a light shone in Michelle’s face and she love Christmas again she jumped and run in the garden and the girls had a snowball fight build snowmen and snow girls then there was a knock on the door I’ll get it and who do you think it was? Santa. “Santa come and have some food Santa” “ well I don’t mind if I do” the family sat around the tablet then shared some presents and ruby told Santa “thank you for the snow” “me it wasn’t me” “well if it wasn’t you and wasn’t us” then who was it? “the earth” Santa said good bye and said “make sure you keep that glass” “how did you know about that”? “Santa know everything “and don’t worry I will” “and make sure to come and visit anytime” “we will” bye Santa all the families said bye Santa said as he walked thought the door and flew on a horse and fireworks followed behind him. {ho ho merry Christmas from me } and remember ALL DREAMS can come true no matter what they are.
By Gabriella

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