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Fred Frost's Plan of Destruction

Winter Wonderland, North Pole

Fred Frost's Plan of Destruction
  • Fred Frost's Plan of Destruction

“Waaah” wailed Elfando dejectedly. “We are all going to die!” Elfando was a petite elf who worked for Father Christmas. Since it was winter, the cold breeze had gone to his head; moreover, it made him act hyper. “What’s wrong?” I asked curiously.
Although he didn’t utter a word, I finally squeezed it out of him. He stated that the evil, grotesque Fred Frost had a plan to turn the world into ice!
Elfando was absolutely terrified of Fred Frost! On the other hand, I was a human, plus, I wasn’t scared of anyone or anything; except for my older sister when she’s angry!!

“The...the...” stammered Elfando, “Man gave me this,” It was a mini television screen for camera communicating. Suddenly, the screen turned on; it was Fred Frost! “Hello fellow weaklings. I’m sure you’ve heard my plan to turn the world into a gargantuan ice cube!” he boasted. “Actually,” I claimed, “The earth is a sphere; not a cube! I’m sure a clever person like you would know that!”

We later found out that he had kidnapped Father Christmas! That was awfully evil! Even for him! “What do we do now?” Elfando asked.
“The only thing we can do,” I replied, “Go on a long journey to the centre of Winter Wonderland and get help from one of my best friends: the soft, silly, snowy, strong, superior, Snowman; Smiley!”

At first, we thought that we couldn’t go on a journey in this bitter weather. The snow was falling rapidly and heavily, the breeze had a major chill and the roads were exceedingly icy! However, we knew we had to kill Fred, otherwise, everyone would die; and in addition to that, there would be no more Christmas!

Prior to when we left, we dressed up extra warm. We also packed a small suitcase which contained: a lighter, a pocket knife and some food. The head elf, Elfaw, had also provided us with a map and good luck.

When we left, I gave Smiley a call and informed him about our problem and that we would be coming to see him. Would you be surprised to hear that a snowman had a mobile phone? Well, Smiley was a cool snowman. That’s one of the reasons I liked him so much!
After we past a few shops, (which all had up to 60% off) the most peculiar thing happened, we found an electric snow sledge! Without doubt, he both jumped into the vehicle and sped off! That was lucky!

Finally, we arrived at Smiley’s house. Surprisingly, he was already ready! He had 3 guns and an ice-berger! I told you he was cool!
To save time, we took the sledge to Fred Frost’s cave, although, his cave was a fair bit away from Smiley’s house. “So,” said Smiley,” Does this Fred Frost have any guards? I could take 5 at a time!” “No,” Elfando informed Smiley,” Not that I know of,”
Elfando was the most frightened of us 3. Elfando had seen Fred before and was scared to bits. He jumped out of the window and wrote a note to him saying: “I’m sorry for being alive!” He must have been very sad!

When we got to Fred’s house, it looked like we got there in the nick of time. He was just about to hit the button to fulfil his plan!
“Give it up Frosty!” I shouted furiously.
“ Fine then, we’ll settle this with a fight! You just hold on Father Christmas!”
We got our guns out had shot him numerous times. But it didn’t work! Then I had an amazing idea.....
I got out my lighter and set him on fire! It killed him immediately, but as a result, it also got rid of Smiley. I forgot snow could melt! “Nooooo!” I screamed in fear, “Don’t leave me Smiley! You’re my best buddy! Don’t leave me! I’m only 11! I need you!!” But it was too late. He was gone. It was all my fault.

Elfando untied Father Christmas and I just lay next to Smiley.....sobbing.
When we got back to the countryside, we told all the neighbours about our heroic act. Unfortunately, I told them about what I did.
Consequently, I was put behind bars with a life imprisonment! I saved Father Christmas and murdered a snowman in one day!
“Oh well,” I thought to myself. “ At least I restored the worlds universal balance!”


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Showcase story administrator comments

This is joint winner of the under 12 category of the Christmas and Winter competition text stories. Well done.

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