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1 hour left till Tragedy

town, Canada

A dreadful start (chapter one)

Christmas is meant to be amusing! Well that’s what each person thinks, on the other hand, different people from different countries which sorrowfully disagree; Canada is sure one country! It’s appalling there. Before Christmas you see gloves, hats, scarfs and jumpers! Although there is one thing that makes Canadian people disagree on liking winter is… SNOW!

Here’s a life story of a neighborhood which is in Canada, be prepared to be shaken about the life there, Shoveling snow everywhere with additional dangling down the sky, all at once the grumpy community whimpers! For as far as the depressed, complaining zone possibly can remember there’s a Christmas (secret Santa) plain departing!

–Oops I wasn’t meant to spit that out, just act as if you never read that part ok? –
Ok! Back to the story! Not knowing whether chaous will be created the Canadian neighbor-hood shed tears.
Falling murderously was ½ snow ½ rain mixed weirdly all at once! Unusually the growling area glance remarkably, ruby as a raspberry their iced up lips get covered by the dripping snow, it’s as if the tap of the shower has exploded to a: ‘make a snow machine!’ in other words snowstorm

3:45 was the time the plane departures remembers a lovable elderly woman. Sleeping tightly was the unstable immature children. Teenagers thinking: “right at this instant is 3:30 with only 1 hour to disaster I shall die!’

The most depressing moment in the plane! (Chapter two)

5, 4,3,2,1 GO! There just took off the aero plane including 100 other passengers which just want to arrive safely to Florida! Bump! Bump! Bump! Constantly being repeated was that sound; with no other way out the prayers of innocent passengers were whispered!
Running out of control the plane drivers were sweating like pigs! –No offence- running hurriedly out of fuel the drivers panic, suddenly a scared little girl shouts out: “mummy I can see us going down to the floor!!” when in a shock the driver of the plane screams: “people! I can see the moon in my eyes!”

The story doesn’t end there like most other authors do; well I’m not an author however I like writing.
Tears slowly rolling down cheeks one of the drivers yells: “ladies and gentle men, I hope you are all alright! By chance we are saved by a helpful ship which we will land on yes we are above an ocean however this ship is the world’s strongest one so it hopefully will cope with all of us. I wish you all a merry Christmas.

Happy endings means a happy story (chapter three)

With a blink of a toddlers eye the passengers open their eyes to see that they are safe in Florida with a 5* hotel in front of their miniature eyes!

Back there in Canada a miracle happened. For some reason Florida and Canada exchanged weathers! Happiness was among people and the summer sale was back on the line… no more hats scarf’s or gloves were on people and Christmas was a celebration that Canadian people will never forget! Especially this Christmas; it was grand, magnificent plus at the same time enjoyable.
Moaning was unheard from not one mouth, Canada was overconfident of their selves and from my point of view they should be…

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