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Adventures with The Grinch

North Pole, Antarctica

“Look! It’s snowing that means Christmas Eve is coming. Come on, let’s make snowmen and have snow fight. ”Shouted Alice to Sam and Tom.

Tom and Sam then rushed downstairs to Alice to have a fun time playing with a soft smooth white snow. While the where having a fun snow fight the snow was running out, so Sam, Tom and Alice went to the middle of the Mysterious Forest and made snowmen.

While they were making snowmen, Tom found a hidden hole that was so small but only he could fit in it. He hurried over to Sam and Alice and told them about the mystery hole he found. They all ran over to the hidden hole but it was not there, Tom got confused because he could see it but not Sam and Alice.

Then after several minutes Sam and Alice found a hole but only they can see their own hole. They all went through the Mystery hole they all found. While they were crawling through the small hole they all saw snowflakes and water dripping. They all got scared because all of them went through different holes and might go to bad places or dangerous places …

When they all arrived at the end of each of the mysterious holes. They found them self in the North Pole, they were absolutely shocked.

After a while they wanted to know if they were dreaming, so pinched them selves and found out that they weren’t. They also wanted to find each other because they were absolutely scared and cold.

While the three children were walking all by themselves, they started to call each other’s names loudly. They realised that they were not very far from each other and soon they all met up at a very small house. Sam and Tom wanted to explore the small house but Alice was to scared and cold to enter the mysterious house.

After several minutes Alice decided to enter the small house with her two brothers. The house was quite warm and then they saw something small moving on the floor. Sam, Tom and Alice were frightened at first.

Then the thing got up. Then we found out that it was an elf. We were shocked and then found out that we were in Santa’s little helper building.

The kind little elf took us all around the Building. It was a fantastic place, there where lots of rooms.

In the building there were: The toy making room, the package room and the wish list room. Sam and Tom and Alice wanted to see a Santa, But Santa was meant to be a secret so the three children promised that they would not tell a soul.

Then the elf took them to the wonderful Santa. When they arrived to Santa’s room, he was crying so much. Sam, Tom, Alice and the kind Elf did not know why he was crying, so we all asked the wonderful Santa.
“Somebody has stolen the red nose reindeer Rudolf and needs him to the deliver the present. I need it in 8 hours” he cried as he show them the stable were Rudolf lives.

Santa wanted the kids to find the Rudolf. The kids were scared at first but knew they had to save Christmas so they said all said yes. The Elf called all his friends to find the missing reindeer Rudolf. Santa gave Sam, Tom, Alice and the other kind Elf a talking and fast sledge that does not need reindeers to fly and can only weigh 12 kg but Santa weighs 33 kg so he cannot come for the search.

The kids and the Elf’s went on the cool sledge and used a reindeer finder to track down Rudolf. The reindeer tracker took the sledge to South Pole. He landed outside of the Grinch’s house and knew it was him who stole Rudolf.

They went inside the Grinch’s house because the door was open. There was a trap there but the kids and the kind Elf’s did not see it. The Grinch was not there but Rudolf was, he cut the ropes with his sharp and strong teeth and setted them free. While they were putting Rudolf in the sledge, they saw the Grinch coming towards his house . Then he saw them, the kids and Elf’s put Rudolf in the sledge and flew but to the North Pole. To save Christmas.

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