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How the giraffe got its long neck

One day, many many years ago in Africa, there was a giraffe called Harold, an elephant called Ronald and a tiger called Billy. Harold wanted to get bigger because there were never any leaves left on the bushes for him. He was crying because he was so hungry.

One day, with his tummy grumbling, he asked his friends Ronald and Billy “how can I get more to eat?” He tried jumping up to the leaves but he couldn’t reach so he tried to run and jump but he still couldn’t reach it and he tried to run fast jump high and hop but he still couldn’t reach it, he started to cry. Harold cried and cried so loudly everyone could hear him! But something weird happened! What happened was he got taller and taller and taller. Then he went to one of the trees and he saw that he was taller enough to reach the trees. He wasn’t hungry anymore. He was so happy “hooray! Hooray! I’m not small I’m tall! I have a long neck now! I am going to burst I can’t wait to tell my friends!” He rushed to tell his friends.

He shouted to his friends “finally we can share leaves together!” His friends all gasped “wow, could we have some too?” Harold said “yes!” so they went away crunching and munching and that is how it ends.

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