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The Zombies Ruin Christmas

A myth submitted to the site by Owen, KarlJayson & Nathan.

In the North Pole, there was a cave where Santa has his workshop.

The little elf said to Santa ‘We can’t produce enough presents in time for Christmas. We need some help’.

Santa replied ‘I’m going to make a big machine that can produce more presents than an elf.’
Three months later, the machine is ready.

The elf says ‘Wow, Gee, how does it work?’

Santa says ‘I’ll show you. Get in there, elf, please.’

Santa lifts the elf into the machine and closes the lid. He pushes a big red button. Then suddenly a flash happened from nowhere. Santa opens the lid and looks in. He fainted with shock.

All the other elves look in and then pull out the elf. They look at him with surprise and shock and horror. He’s grown into a zombie!

The zombie elf says ‘Help me get him into the supply cupboard.’

The zombie elf puts some presents in the machine ……..

On Christmas Day the zombie elf delivers all the presents to kids. In the morning, the kids run downstairs to see a little present from Santa. They open it and there is a zombie egg inside. It hatches…

Back at the North Pole, Santa has just woken up in the supply cupboard. He shouted ‘HELP.’ An elf comes to help him and he tells him about the zombie elf. Christmas is ruined because the presents have zombie eggs in them.

Santa says ‘Call the Dark Knight.’

By Owen, KarlJayson & Nathan.
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Name: ALEX 5th May 2014
i like this story
Name: Fiza 14th April 2013
Nice but why did the other elves help the zombie elf put the Santa in the cupboard? but anyway it was a good story. i don't like zombies!!!
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