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Most Haunted Live, The Devil

A myth submitted to the site by Saffron

Yvette and Kyle were heading to the next destination for their live show, The Silent Night 2010. Cath and Kieran were getting some things set up whilst Yvette was ready to start it up. Paul Ross sat down with the guest next to him and waited till it was 9:00. Suddenly they were live!

"Hi! My name is Paul Ross and this is Most Haunted Live, The Silent Night! Here I have Anthony Yorth, also known as the past audience memeber for 2007. So Anothy, what do you feel is going to happen this year?" Paul was looking at Anthony, the camera fixed on Anthony. "Well I hope to summon the Devil tonight as we have the place where he was spotted! I also like to say thank you for having me Paul... It is a great pleasure!" Paul paused for a secound and clapped. The audience clapped as well.
"Ok then Anthony... umm... lets go live to Yvette at The Kolegate Village, Yvette."

Yvette laughed. "Sorry Paul, Kyle just bumped his head. Anyway we have already heard knocks and voices and all that. Kieran has got a Morse Code Machien that can do Morse Code Messages. Kieran, could you tell them about it."
Kieran looked at Yvette and paused. He dropped the machien and stared at Yvette.
"Umm Kieran... could you tell them about it? Kieran? KIERAN!"
"666 is back. 666 is back. 666 is back. 666 is back."
"Umm we are sorry Paul! Could we make a quick break? Thanks... KIERAN!"

Paul looked at the big screen. "As you can see, scared already! We will take a shortest of short breaks. Please stay here and don't worry! Check the webcams on our website too! See you!"
"And CUT!"
Paul stared at Anthony. He walked up to him. "Hey Anthony! Hey! You talked about Devil stuff! What's happened? Tell us when were live again!"
"And you LIVE!"

"Hello again! This is Paul Ross. Later we had some crazy stuff and Anthony is gonna tell us what has happened! Go on Anthony!"
Anthony looked blank. He stared into space, looking at nothing.
"Jake is back. Jake is back. Jake is back. Jake is back."
"Paul! We should take a break!"
Paul looked at the manager and coughed. "Yes ok...People we might have to take a break but please stay with us!
"And CUT!"

The Manager stormed over to Paul. "What has happened! We might have to cancell tonights show! What is Jake!? Who is Jake!!!"
"Umm... Jake is a sign of Devil and so is 666! Also Kieran is better so the break should be off in a minute. Oh and great scared faces!"
"3, 2, 1 LIVE!"

Paul stood here, not looking or moving anything. "PAUL!" Say back to Yvette!"
The screen went on and Yvette was standing there.

"Hi yes well Kieran is... is... is... is... 666...666...666..."

The whole world stared and said those 3 numbers, even the writer of this was...was...666...666...666...

By Saffron
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