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How Tigers Got Their Stripes

Many, many years ago when the world was young there was a tiger called Ben, he was plain white. One day he went to see his friends on his way he saw a bee. He ran away, terrified of the bee as quick as he could.

When Ben got home he wondered to himself “if I had black and orange stripes would all the other animals be scared of me?” That night tiger went to sleep and he dreamed of wearing black and orange stripes and he felt he was more fierce and he liked being different. But when he woke up he was still plain white .

Then he caught his breakfast of juicy zebra . After that he noticed there was a shed in the middle of the jungle. It was a bit broken but he didn’t mind he went inside and caught a mouse. Ben tried to catch it but suddenly he knocked over two paint cans! He was covered head to toe in paint. He couldn’t believe it! He shouted “I’ve got black and orange stripes!

Ben’s friends came when they heard him shouting .When he opened the door one said “RUN!” and the other one said “OK!” And they ran as quick as they could back to their house. Then Ben shouted “WAIT COME BACK! Hey are you scared of me?” “Yes!” they shouted back. “Because you’ve got stripes and only bees and wasps have stripes and they are scary!” then Ben shouted “yes! I’m scary!” he couldn’t believe it so he told all the other tigers to get stripes and that’s why from this day tigers have black and orange stripes.

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