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Zeus is Bored

A myth submitted to the site by Storyteller

Olympus, Greece

One day, Zeus, Lord of Olympus, was bored. Ever since he and his brothers, Hades and Poseidon got the rule upon the world, he hadn’t been having any fun. He had no enemies to pulverize with his enormous bolt of lightning.

He thought to visit Poseidon but Zeus didn’t feel like a swim, as his brother was the god of water, sea and oceans. He visited Hades although Hades wasn’t much fun as he was the God of the dead. He could’ve found a nice…er...women friend to hang out with but he would be caught by Hera, his wife. Hera was the goddess of marriage, so she was very territorial over Zeus.

Well, anyway, Zeus came down to earth wondering what he could do for fun. He was in his human form, of course, since his immortal god-self would make anyone besides gods to incinerate. He saw two men walking down the street. He started a fight between them and smiled happily. Gods liked to watch us humans make fools of ourselves. Then Zeus ignored them as he saw something near a river. He saw a beautiful dryad, also known as a river nymph standing beside the river, laughing at the two squabbling men. Her name was Io.
“What a beautiful young woman!’He exclaimed, the promptly fell in love. Zeus knew Hera might be watching so he covered Io and him with clouds. The clouds made Hera suspicious so she came right down. Zeus saw her coming and quick as a flash of lightning, which was his specialty, turned Io into a cow.
“This beautiful young cow just popped out of nowhere” Zeus explained to a suspicious Hera.
“Beautiful young cow…….hmmm…. could I have her?” She asked testily.
“Of course, of course” Zeus said reluctantly and sighed.
Hera hid Io away. Zeus ordered Apollo, his son to sing to the guard in order to make him fall asleep. When he was asleep, Io ran way. When Hera heard of Io’s escape, she sent a whole hoard of monsters and people under hey command to go after her. Io ran and ran as far as her watery feet could carry her. Finally she reached the sea. The sea was Io’s home turf so she was a bit glad. She swam away from Greece, happy to escape Hera’s clutches. But Hera still was after Io and made sure Io swam the way to Egypt. The Egyptians crocodiles spotted her. Then you probably guessed what happened next. Heard of the Ionian Sea? Guess where that came from.
Hera changed Io back to nymph form and made Zeus promise not to see her again. After all that, Zeus was still bored. There should be something he can do….

By Storyteller
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