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A Knight To Remember

Glen Massey, New Zealand

It was a dark and spooky night when I was at home with my friend and knowone else, when we started watching a movie about Knights and Kings and the medevil times. when we heard a knock at the door when I went and opened it there was something standing there I slammed the door shut. There was a scratching noise at the window and then horses hoofs running around and the rattle of armour.

When I was finally brave enough I crept up to the window and looked out then suddenly appeared a black horses head,we both screamed and yelled wanting my parents to get home. The door started banging with a powerful soarce and then the door broke off and went flying across the room. Weboth stood in fear we were not able to move and we were so frightned with fear. we heard that sound of rattling armour again then stepped though the door a mighty Knight! He saw us then started walking over, my friend and i thought he was here to kill us, but as he approched he got closer and closer then he took out his sword. then he knelt down and put his sword in front of him and h said I have been sent by the queen and in need of your help.

My friend and i just looked at each other she was to frightned to move but i relaxed and asked him why he was here. he told us both of our parents have been killed so he is here to take us away to his kingdom, so we agreed and went with him. We met his horse who was very calm and happy and enjoyed attension then as we rode on the horses back with the knight i said as we galloped over the horizen, This Is A Knight To Remember.

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