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Devil Lamb

In a small villige in England near Yorkshire lived a boy called Jack. One day he was walking a lone on a cobbled road at night and he heard a noise. The noise sounded like a Lamb, so Jack followed the noise to see what it was.

Jack walked though a farmers field, the noise was becoming louder and louder the closer he approched. He climbed over a wooden fence and to his amazment he saw a little lamb, but there was something odd about this Lamb. The wool was blood red, Jack thought the lamb must have been attacked by a fox or wolf, but the closer Jack walked up to the Lamb Jack could see that the Lamb had a long tail that looked like a sharp pointed folk and it had fire glowing eyes.

Jack stood still as the shock of what he saw suddenly turned his body to ice. The noise of the Lamb was deafening Jack placed his hands over his ears, and began to walk back slowly towards the wood fence before he was noticed by the strange animal.

Jack climb back over the fence and ran to the Farmers house to tell him what was in his field. When Jack returned with the Farmer the red Lamb was no where to be seen or heard. The Farmer accused Jack of telling lies and escored him off the Farm.

The next morning the Farmer returned himself with his dog to the spot were Jack had seen the red Lamb, the Farmer looked around as his dog sniffed the ground. Suddenly the dog retreated as if it had a fright, the Farmer ran to the dog and saw the ground had been burnt. After that day non of the Farmers live stock would go near that area of the field as if they could sence something that frightens them. To this day when ever the farmer tells this story he names the strange animal "The Devil Lamb".

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