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The Magical Adventure

Once many years ago, lived a young girl named Katia. She always wore a magic robe. She had black hair and big blue eyes. She also had a big mission to do. She had to save Princess Katherine.

King Russia was worried so he asked Katia to save his daughter. Of course Katia accepted the challenge because she was the brave of the land, although she didn’t know what lay ahead.

In the early hours of the morning Katia walked out of the door and saw muddy footprints that led to the ocean. Katia never saw the creature that left these footprints so she asked the God for help. He told her that he saw the creature, Muculous, going to the magic island. Then Katia asked him if he could let the north wind out to blow he rin the right direction.

Once Katia got to the island plants began to change into mysterious colours. She kept walking and saw glowing footprints. So she followed the trail of footprints until she reached the end where they faded away. Then she saw holes so she looked inside them. To her surprise there was nothing inside the holes. So she walked on and all of a sudden fell into a deep labyrinth. It was dark and gloomy.

Luckily the God, Azul gave her a touch to see with. She walked around and found a tunnel. “Wow, there is treasure!” gasped Katia. She put the treasure carefully in her bag and continued to walk further. She went to one of the tunnels and found gold. She went in the second and found jewelry and in the third was a magical crown, Katia put them in her bag and went in the forth tunnel. In the fourth tunnel was a giant creature with a head like a lion, a body like a deer and a tail like a snake. Behind him was the princess calling “ help” but luckily the creature was sleeping. Katia went and got the princess that was when the creature woke up. Katia tried to battle it. She slapped him with the magic robe and his eyes disappeared . The second time she tripped him up and his tail disappeared. Then the third time she wore the magic crown. It was so bright that the creature disappeared whole!

Katia had achieved her mission at last and returned home with the princess to the king. The King was so happy he rewarded Katia with gold and jewellery.

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