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A magical story of all myths!

Emerald forest, Athens, Hell, Haunted House, Greece

One sunny day in Athens, a homeless boy was sitting on the steps of the Parthenon. He did not have parents or money, and was very cold and lonely. He was waiting for someone to give him money.
Then a man with a walking stick said "I will give you ten euro's if you come with me".
The boy asked "Why?".
"Because I need show you a secret that will change your life", said the old man. "OK", said the boy suspiciously.
"Come, follow me", called the old man as he walked in towards the corner of the Parthenon. The boy followed and suddenly there was a flash of light and they were zapped in to the Emerald forest.

"H...,H...,H..., How did we get here?", questioned the boy. He was astonished!
"Guess what?" said the old man.
"I am a god!", announced the old man.
The boy did not believe him. "Prove it!" demanded the boy. The old man made water in his hands and it turned in to a water sword, with a blade shaped like a dragon's tooth and sharp enough to cut through rock. The boy watched, speechless. "I am Poseidon, God of all water. Which God are you?", said the old man, who now stood tall and strong.
"I am not a God!", said the boy.
"Your father was Jonus, God of the Bears, and I have a mission for you!".
The boy wondered what his powers were. Posiedon said that he would have to complete his mission to discover his powers. He would have to get 3 emerald orbs: one from Medusa's lair, one from the Geryon collar, one from the Hydra's hell.

Moments later the boy had been given Athena's battle helmet, sword, shield and flying shoes! The shoes took him to a shop beginning with "M". He thought it was a "Medicine" shop, but soon realised it was Medusa's lair. The boy went inside and saw stone statues and ashes. Then he saw a figure with snakes for hair and a lizard tongue. It was Medusa. The boy spotted the orb around Medusa's neck. He moved quickly and cut off her head with his sword. The orb was still around her neck. He took it. "One down, two to go!", he thought.

The shoes took off. He flew and flew until he saw an old haunted house. The guard dog Geryon came to meet him. A black dog with two heads and razor sharp teeth. The boy cried for help and from nowhere arrived a grizzly bear. The bear battled the Geryon. The boy spotted the collar and made his move for the orb. He flew up on to the Geryon's back and plunged his sword in to its rough neck. The Geryon collapsed. The boy swiped the collar and knew that his next stop was hell!

After a nights sleep, the boy was ready for Hydra. He flew to Vesuvius and down in to the vulcano's fire and entered hell. Hydra was waiting and battle commenced. Hydra blew fire everywhere. The boy hid behind rocks and dodged the attack. The orb was around one of Hydra's legs. He ran as fast as he could and pulled out Medusa's head. The Hydra turned to stone. The boy dug out the orb with his knife and went back to Posiedon.

At the Emerald forest the boy gave Posiedon the three orbs. Posiedon gave him the ten euros and explained that his powers were with him all along. He had bear speed (to kill Medusa & Hydra) and he could summon bears (to battle Geryon).

Posiedon asked the boy to live with the Gods and promised many adventures to come.

The End

Rory Amor, age 8 years.

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