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How the Skunk Got its Bad Smell.

A myth submitted to the site by John Basta

How the skunk got its bad smell.
There was once an animal that lived in the bushes. The bushes were connected to farmland. There was an animal called a skunk who had always dreamt of exploring the world but his parents would always say, ‘NO!’
One day the young skunk went and explored the world. He didn’t care that he disobeyed his parents and he thought nothing bad would happen.
‘I think I should explore the farm first,’ said the skunk. He went through the 7 acre farm exploring it.
At some point, he stopped where there were some fruit and vegetables from the farm. He decided to take a bite as he was hungry. He gobbled down beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, pears, peaches, pumpkins and figs.
‘That was a nice meal,’ said the skunk. ‘Although, it did fill me up, now I should go back home and sleep. I can’t travel feeling this full’
While he was walking back home he felt like going to the toilet. Sitting there, letting go of all he had, his friend the snake came along.
‘Oh, you stink!’ said the snake holding his breath. The snake was trying to say something but all the bad fumes interfered with his brain functioning properly.
‘E-e-ever heard of a wash,’ the snake said struggling to get the words out.
This made the skunk angrier so something green came from his behind. The green spray stunk even more and caused all the animals of the bushland to come and find that smell.
They had all met at the same spot.
‘What is that smell?’ they all asked looking like they were going to faint.
‘It is the skunk!’ replied the snake.
One animal suggested that they should through him in the desert. All the animals thought that was a great idea. They all picked the skunk up and travelled to the desert. When they had arrived they threw him with all their might to land somewhere far away.
Whoosh! He went flying. They quickly ran away knowing that they would never see him again. The skunk got up. He liked the desert better than the bush and decided to live there. Yet he still wondered why he stunk. He remembered everything he did on his journey. When he had remembered the part of eating the food he remembered they tasted quite funny.
‘They were fermented!’ he suddenly said remembering. Now he was left with a bad smell because he didn’t listen to his parents. That is how the skunk got its bad smell.

By John Basta
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