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Spongy Girl the hero

A myth submitted to the site by Sydney

Spongy Girl goes to the king to get her next challenge. The king explained to spongy Girl you go kill the slimy sea monster and bring one of its tentacles back to prove it. So spongy Girl went to the ocean where it was grey and dark with lots of different kinds of fish.

She went down into the cave of the slimy Sea monster. The sea monster was sleeping so Spongy Girl had to be as quiet as she could. When she got really close to the slimy sea monster she stabbed it in the head. Then she cut one of its tentacles of to prove to the king.

So she went to the kings palace to show him the tentacle but he wasn't in his chair. He was in the hot tub.

So spongy Girl set of up the Swirly Whirly staircase when she got to the top of the stairs she seen the king in his hot tub. Spongy Girl shouted king Iv'e killed the
Slimy sea monster and to prove it I brought a tentacle from it just like you explained your reward we will have a party to celebrate it.

Everybody shouted Spongy girl and they lived happily
Ever after and Spongy Girl is crowned queen.

By Sydney
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