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A Magic Unicorn

One day there was a girl called Rose she was beautiful. She had long, curly brown hair her eyes were as blue as the sky and her lips was as red as a rose. Her father died when she was five so she hardly saw her mum because she worked.

However, Rose didn't know that there was a secret door in her room. Rose spent most of her time outside making the garden nice. Her Mum bought her flowers for the garden and trees but Rose did all the work.

When it rained she got her coat and went outside and raised moeny for charity when shes not in school.

She didn't mind not having friends because she was always being creative she built a treehouse with a tree swing and in her treehouse there was a matress, pillows, quilts because she slept in there when her mum wanted some peace.

Rose wanted something most in the whole world a dad. She missed him very much but she didn't talk about it.

Her mum didn't work on Sundays and Mondays so they make cakes or play some games. Rose's mum loved her garden she was proud of Rose she said nicely "I love what you did thank you."

"Thanks mum, mum can I have a puppy to keep me company" her mum replied "of couse you may but dont let him in the garden area put him in the bin area" she replied "thanks mum and I wont put him in the garden area!"

She walked to the pet shop and saw a weird dog with a small horn on her she went in and said "how much is that sparkly, white dog?"
"£20 please" he said "I'll take her" Rose replied when she got home Rose's mum said "shes beautiful what are you going to call her" Rose replied "Sparkles!"

As time went by the dog got bigger and the horn on her sparkles head got bigger and one day Rose went out and she had a cup of tea she looked at Sparkles and DROPED the cup on the floor.
She shouted "MUM!!!!!!" Her mum came rushing out they both noticed that was no dog. it was a magic unicorn.

Rose's mother said "darling what shop did you get her from" She replied "magic place" Rose's mum and Rose had fun riding on sparkles but they never told anyone about it.

It was theres forever! Rose went in her room to do her homework and she saw the secret door. Rose went in and she saw magic everywhere. She told her mum and they followed it. they came to a door and in that door was baby unicorns sparkles has been up there and had babys Rose and her mum took them down and put them with her mother Sparkles.

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