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Ami's Wild Adventure

A myth submitted to the site by Fashionistagirl

Greece, Greece

Long long ago there was a pretty girl called Ami and she lived in Bluegrove in Greece in the year 1897. She lived with her mum and her little brother Bani. One day Ami and Bani was playing in the garden till one of the kings messagers came to there house and Ami was told to go there the very next day.

The next day Ami went to visted the king to see what he wanted her for"Im the king I called you Ami because I want you to go to Venice and send this devil to the underworld." said the king.
"Me why me im only ten years old!" Ami said in shock.
"Yes but I trust you the village of Batten in Venice trust you please will you do this for me?" asked the king kindly. "Okay i'll do it"Ami said.

After the vist to the palce was over Ami had to go to venice in a weeks time.It has now been a week and Ami set off on her journey to venice. She got there on her flying tiger called Crystal. It's now been two hours and she finally got there. When she got there lots of people was so scared they would not go out of the dome of cytime. A little boy came out and said "Hello miss I am Zookla and wellcome to Venice" Said the little boy.
"Hello im Ami what happend why is there no one about?" Ami asked Zookla.
"There hidding in the dome of cytime but i cant get in i dont have the cash to get in so the poorer people stay out here" Replied Zookla."Sixteen people got stolen buy the Devil!" Said Zookla. Zookla asked Ami if he could help and she said yes.So off they went Zookla wanted to take Ami somewhere that could help them.

Zookla took Ami to see the God of the devil."Im the God of the devil!"shouted the God.
"Im Ami and this is Zookla we need to bring the devil to the under world can you help us?" Asked Ami and Zookla.
"Of course take this the skull of blendness"told Zookla and Ami.
"Thanks sir." Ami said. Now Ami and Zookla set of to Amaorah the place were the devil home is.It took then five and a half hours to get there but finally they got there.When they got there they saw the devil munching on a alive man peeling the rest of the meat off the bones.The devil saw Ami and Zookla and ran away untill he got to a dead end.

Ami and Zookla took out the skull of blendness and the pearl eyes ht the sun and it shined on the devil and he went to the underworld.When it was over Zookla had no family so Ami told him to come and live with her in Greece.When they got back home Zookla was aloud to stay. So now in the family there is Ami mum Bani and Zookla.

By Fashionistagirl
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