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The Unwell Man

A myth submitted to the site by Beth

One day a princess named Diana was walking to her fathers castle, cause she had been wrote to tell her that her father is suffering form a very bad illness. She was walking alone as it was only half an hour away from her house where she lives by herself. Diana loved the environment around her, she remembered the forest well as she grew up in the castle alone with her father as her mother and three sisters left at the age of two.

Princess Diana got as far as the forest when she bumped into a handsome man called Samuel riding his black horse down the path leading to the castle. Samuel started a conversation with “ Hello there madam, is that your beautiful castle down the road?”
Princess Diana replied “ Not as such now, but it was mine when I was younger my father lives there now”
Samuel answered “ are you going to visit him?”
“yes, he is very sick Unfortunately and he needs me by his side” Diana replied.
“ Oh dear, do you want to meet up later at my house if I come and pick you up on my horse around about 7, you have half an hour to get ready if you need to, you can come and have dinner at my castle I live by myself so we won’t get disturbed. It might cheer you up a bit?”
“ I would love that, 7 o’clock it is”
“ Okay bye for now.”

So Princess Diana walked down the path to a public shelter to get into her best dress she left her suitcases outside her fathers castle and stood there waiting for Samuel to come riding down to pick her up. The church struck 7pm and down came Samuel riding his black horse right on time.

Diana, jumped up onto the horse with some help form Samuel and she got greeted by him, he addressed her with saying “wow! You look amazing!!”
Diana said “ thank-you, you don’t look to bad yourself.

So with that, the black horse started riding down the path to Samuels castle.

They arrived there and had there dinner. When the bells struck 10 Diana insisted that she went home to see her unwell father, that she hadn’t even seen yet. So Samuel called his horses and Samuel helped Diana jump on, Samuel then jumped on and the horse started riding down the road, and up the path through the forest.

When they got home, she shouted her father. Samuel had come in the castle just to see her old room. When there was no reply from Diana’s dad she ran upstairs quickly followed by Samuel, Diana went straight into her fathers bedroom to find him laying on his death bed without a movement.

Diana screamed and ran over to the bed and started to shake her father. Samuel told her to stop, so she stopped and she started to sob all over Samuel, Samuel told diana that he needed her to kiss her fathers cheeks once each to make him breath again. Diana immediately does what she was told to do without any hesitation and without a second to say anything the father of the Diana rises from his death bed.

Later that night. Diana’s father asks them what had happened in the earlier events, so they both sat down and explained. When they had finished telling the story Diana’s father couldn’t of been more grateful.

After a couple of hours, Diana’s father asked Samuel if he could leave the room for a moment just so he could talk to his daughter alone. Samuel immediately stood up and walked out the room.
Diana asked her father what was wrong. He answered “ I need you to do something for me”
Diana looks puzzled and replies “ anything father, what is it?”
He says “ marry this young boy, he is everything you need. I am proud to call him my son and your husband, he is so good to both of us, I know you have only just met him but I know you love each other dearly”
Diana looks at her father with her mouth wide open, she sits there for a couple of minutes without a movement in her body. She then says “ okay, I’ll do it if he says yes”
Diana’s father looks very happy and thanks his daughter they hug each other for a couple of moments, then Diana’s father lets go and calls Samuel back into the room, he sits him down and explains what he wants.
Samuel is quick to decide and says “ yes of course I will marry your daughter, I love her with all my heart”
So they all hug.

Later that night Samuel rides home on his horse.
The next morning Diana is woken up by her father, when he shouts “ quick diana get up, you need to try on your dress and get ready. As your getting married din 5 hours”
Diana jumps out of her bed and runs down stairs and asks her father what is going on.
He answered “ Samuel knows, that he needs to be at the local church at 4pm sharp ready to get married to you”
Diana just bursts out laughing and runs upstairs to get washed and get her hair done, she then gets the dress on and walks down stairs, where her father is waiting at the bottom of the stairs with some lilies. Her father welcomes her with “ you look amazing, are you ready to go?”
Diana answers “ yes, I’m ready to go”
When they stepped outside there was 4 horses with a carriage at the back, Diana just turns to her farther and starts laughing, she then links arms with her father and walks down the stairs and into the carriage.

When she gets to the local church everyone is stood up and waiting and Samuel is at the end of the isle waiting, looking very smart. She steps out of the carriage and links arms with her father and starts taking long steps down the isle to her husband-to-be.

When he sees her his face lights up they both start to giggle. Moments later they are both saying the words “ I do” to each other and they start kissing.

After the claps they walk down the isle outside and they all three sit into the carriage and ride to the princesses castle.
Where they live happily ever after!
The end!

By Beth
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