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The Haunted Little Girl and The Haunted House

London, England

A long time ago there was a little girl about ten years old who lived in house on her own. Her mum and dad had died of serious illness. The house was known to be haunted and the little girl started to get scared of all the stories going about. The little girl planned on moving as her parents were rich and they left all the money for her.

As the little girl started to pack her case, she heard a tap!tap!tap!. She went to the door and turned the handle but the door wouldn't open. She got the key and tried to open it again but it still didn't open. She tried the back door,nor would that open. She opened the window but she couldn't fit through it so she screamed for help. People started to gather round the house and even the police couldn't open the door. She was trapped!

As time went on she ran out of food and stared to get hungry. People had to pass food through her window but then people stopped visiting, even on her birthdays, and she didn't get to marry or get any gifts for occasions like christmas and Easter. She soon died of hunger and no one ever went in the house again.

Eight years later someone wanted to buy the house because they didn't belive the story of the little girl. The people thought they would never get the door open but they tried and to everyones suprise it opened. One day later they moved in and they found a dead body, it was the girl. They burned the body but they were supposed to bury it!

So in return for getting burned the girl wanted them to die the same way she did. So she made sure that they would never get out of the house and never get any food or drinks so they would also die of hunger and thirst. Anyone who ever went back into the house would be trapped!

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