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The Carpenter's Unexpected Escape

A myth submitted to the site by Billie

One summery day, a young carpenter named Allshaw had come out of King Edward's castle. Allshaw had just made a deal with the King about prices of food at Bridgwater Fair, the place where you can exchange anything for precious gold and sell your own food. As he got deeper down the hill, trouble began.

Allshaw was sent to the filthy dungeons down at Hayes Lane, the lane that the King owned for his dungeons. He kept himself occupied with a classic book about knowledge and longed to get out of the filthy place to get on with his carpenting.

Down at King Edward's castle, he was facing trouble. He disrupted a special monk prayer assembly and asked the clueless monks for his missing daughter. They all hesitated and the angry King stormed out into the fresh, summery day, heading for Hayes Lane.

Back at the dungeons, Allshaw tried to escape and steal the guard’s keys but every time Allshaw touched the keys, the guards mumbled and wafted Allshaw’s hand away. Suddenly, young Alicante, the King’s daughter arrived at the innocent carpenter’s dungeon cell and fell in love with him for the first time. She knocked out the sleepy guard with the King’s supply of ethyl chloride that she’d taken out of a local swimming pool and spread the chloride onto the guard. Once the guard was knocked out, she stole the keys from him and unlocked the carpenter’s dungeon cell. Then through the secret exit, she and the carpenter escaped and ran away together. The alarm of the Hayes Lane dungeons went off and guards tried their best to retrieve the carpenter. But it was no use to get him back.

Meanwhile, the King was still looking for his daughter. So he forced a slave to locate the Royal Person’s Locater and there he found out where she was, hiding at her Uncle’s palace with Allshaw. So he sent flocks and flocks and flocks of slaves and then he jumped onto his royal horse Moonlight and walked with his troops of slaves to brother Frederick’s palace. Once they arrived, the King got off Moonlight and knocked at the front door. Frederick answered it and let his brother inside. Allshaw and Alicante were hiding upstairs. The suspicious King travelled the flight of stairs and as Allshaw was proposing to Alicante, the King busted the door. He looked so angry that rage filled his eyes. Alicante explained everything and the next week, a wedding was arranged for the two lovers.

The week before the wedding week, Alicante was taking a 3-day break while Allshaw gathered his entourage together to plan the wedding. They researched how much a wedding ring cost, how much it would cost for a huge wedding party at King Edward’s castle and all the other basic wedding stuff. Alicante researched the environment and spent her last nights as a single, young girl.

The big day arrived and King Edward didn’t feel rage in his eyes for Allshaw anymore. Everyone went to the party and watched Allshaw propose to Alicante, the girl who helped him escape from the filthy dungeons. Their dreams came true and they had such a good wedding party. Over the years, Allshaw became the next King and Alicante, the next Queen. They produced 4 loyal children; Mila, John, Daisy and Edward, named after her deceased father. They had a happy ending together.

By Billie
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