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Two labours from Atlantic

A myth submitted to the site by Langston

Yorkham, England

Once upon a time, when a beautiful girl called Atlantic, who sworn never to marry. However, every man would like to change her mind. Finally, Atlantic said, "I will only marry the man who can finish the two tasks given by me. Firstly, climb up to the peak of Mount Everest and save my father Promithius who was tied to the pillar which hold up the sky, for he found out that Zeus had another woman and was punished my him, and race against me and win." Then everyone except Isarus agreed to finish the tasks. Then he set off immediately to Mount Everest.

He walked for 10 months when he finally arrived at Mount Everest. At that moment, Isarus heard someone screaming, "ARRRRRRGH!!!!!" Then he started climbing up the mountain to get to the peak. On his way to the peak, he kept on hearing the screaming sound. Using the pickaxes given by Atlantic, he successfully climbed up to the peak. Then he saw Promithius, father of Atlantic.

He was tied to a pillar, holding up the sky, and his intestines were broken, bitten by eagles day and night. Isarus then knew it was Promithius screaming, and he rushed to him, trying to untie the rope. When Promithius was about to be freed, the eagles flew towards Isarus and attacked him. Isarus used a fire torch and scared away them. Then he brought Promithius, who was too painful and can't even walk on his own, went down Mount Everest.

It took Isarus a year to go back to Atlantic's place. Atlantic then said, "Thank you for saving my father. So, the race will begin now. As you know, I can run like wind. And you need 10 months to get to Mount Everest, which showed that you are not fast, and you won't win me. If you lose to me, you will die, despite the fact that you saved my father. Are you willing to accept this challenge?" Isarus nodded.

“On your marks, get set, go!” Cried the starter. Away went Atlantic, quick as a blink. Isarus tried his best to catch up. But he failed. Atlantic took the lead. Isarus then took out the pickaxe and threw towards Atlantic. Atlantic saw her pickaxe, so she stopped and picked it up. Then Isarus sped ahead. However, Atlantic went ahead of Isarus again, and she would be crossing the finish line in seconds. Isarus then lit the fire torch, and threw to Atlantic’s line, right in front of her. Atlantic stopped as she would be burnt into ashes if she ran into the fire. She used a blanket and put out the fire and rushed to the finish line, but Isarus had already finished the race!

Atlantic admired Isarus’s wisdom, and she married him, and they lived happily ever after.

By Langston
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