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A Garden Problem.

Dartford Heath my Fairyland, England

Another day to get through, I have no idea of what I am going to do today. Turning in my bed I snuggle deeper into my pillow and wait for the alarm clock to ring. I could get up but somehow it seems so good to just lay and wait for the noise of the clock. I must have dropped off to sleep again for the ringing of the clock startled me out of one of those dreams that one remembers so fondly. A dream that is pleasant and giving one a feeling of wanting the dream to go on and on. I reluctantly get out of my bed and make my way to the bathroom. Performing my daily wash routine I go down to the kitchen and make myself breakfast. What shall I do today I ask myself again. Finishing my breakfast I go to the front door and look for post. There are no letters. The daily newspaper has been delivered and I spend some time reading through what is going on in this world.

While I was reading my newspaper I became aware that I was not alone a group of fairies had come in to the room by magic. They made no noise and were I think waiting for me to finish reading my newspaper. Folding my newspaper in its creases I laid it down on the table and turned to the waiting fairies. They all started to speak at once, I did not understand and called out, “please, one at a time, I cannot understand what you are saying, if you all speak at once”. Somewhat abashed the fairies stopped speaking and one of the older fairies told me that the fairies have planted a garden exactly the same as my back garden. Nothing seems to grow in their garden while in my garden all is coming on well. I will soon be able to cook fresh vegetables and eat fresh salads. I told the fairies that I would come and look at their garden to see what was wrong.

With a flock of fairies flying around my head I walked into the woods that are really Fairyland and we soon came to an exact replica of my own back garden. The beds had been laid out, plants and seeds sown but the growth was sadly lacking just a few green leaves here and there. I asked the fairies who had dug their garden? The answer did not surprise me they told me that they had asked the Leprechauns to dig the garden for them. The garden shed and my old wheelbarrow they had used magic to build them. I asked them whether they had used any manure while digging the garden; yes they had used the dry rotting leaves from the forest floor.

Have you shown this garden to anyone else, the wise old fairies for example? Have you shown it to Her Majesty Queen Feeana, Queen of all the Fairies? No they had not shown any one the garden they were too sad that nothing would grow. I looked carefully at the garden and could see no reason why nothing would grow. Then it struck me and I started to smile then burst out into a good hearty laugh. The fairies looked at me now a little afraid that they had done something terribly wrong. I smiled once again and then told them that they had put the garden in the wrong place. It was too dark in the woods all plants need light and the light comes from the sun. The leaves of the trees were blocking the light from the plants. All plants need light to grow. Looking very abashed the fairies hung their heads and were ashamed that they had forgotten one of Mother Natures laws. For anything to grow it must have light and light comes from the sun.

Some of the younger fairies started to cry and I felt sorry for them all and proposed that we build a new garden where it was light and no trees could shut out the sunlight. Soon we had our new garden it was exactly the same as my back garden and in a few weeks there were plants and vegetables growing with lots of flowers. Indeed it looked just like my own back garden and we all went away happy. The fairies now know that all plants need light, just digging and planting does not work.

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