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Metus and the Dogsnakidon

A myth submitted to the site by Eth

Metus and the dogsnakidon

Zeus the almighty god was angry and Sparta was getting ready for war, there favorite thing “arrr” screamed the Spartan king “we are the strongest army in the world” he told his army, as they got there formation ready…They made a bad mistake. The leader explained “we are better than the gods themselves” so Zeus laughed “ha really” he sent down the dogsnakidon.

It had 3 heads a dog, a snake , and a dragon , Zeus cackled “they will never see this coming”

Zap. He sent down the dogsnakidon. “AHHHHH” screamed the Spartan king as he fled his army charged. Slash kick boom. It slayed the army within a split second so the king asked great strong men to help “its killing our men slaying our people and destroying our names” he pleaded so they agreed

The king heard of a strong man out to get him when he got all the people adored him because of his big muscles. The king told him of his challenge and his reward; of *50ps of gold to kill the monster but a problem “where was it” he asked “some say, therpene” replied the king

The man set off as he got closer and closer an old woman creped up to the chariot and gave him a bag. Who was this woman he thought he looked away and looked back she was gone n the bag was a coat of sheep wool he slipped it on and turned invisible…

When he reached the beast he used his cloak to creep as slowly as possible around the beast. His hart was pounding his sweat was dripping like rain. Once he knew what he was doing he took of the cloak and slashed at the head - the monster nudged out of the way and attacked. It bit his leg but he did not worry because he slashed all of its legs off it was bleeding to death by this time but its howling was to intense so he took one fateful blow at its head and… it went flying of blood flew everywhere “ahhh” he sighed as he wiped the blood and sweat of his face.

He went home to get his reward of gold from the king he felt nothing of his leg anymore the only worry he had was of who the woman was not knowing it was Athena, techno goddess of technology

By Eth
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