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The Haunted Zombie Hotel

Zombieshire, Mainland Death., United Zombies.

One night,there was only one person left staying in the Severed Arms Hotel. His name was Billy and he had just finished a hard week working in the local Boots, selling cosmetics and all sorts of make-up. He thought he was the only guest, but he wasn't the ONLY ONE!

All the staff had left early and even the night manager had disappeared off to the local pub. Billy said out loud to himself, "This place is such an empty dump! What am I supposed to do on my own?" I know, he thought, lets get the room keys and have a sneak around. Why not, there's nobody else here and nothing else to do, he mumbled to himself as he picked up a bunch of keys.

Billy decided to start with the last room, the penthouse attic room that was room 100. As he walked up the last set of stairs that led up to room 100 he didn't see the sign that read, 'THE HAUNTED ATTIC - DO NOT GO IN THIS ATTIC!' He didn't notice the sign because it was smeared with dust and what could have been a little blood drop.

As Billy got to the door it looked as though nobody had been in there forever! He unlocked the door and entered the room. Everything was covered with dust - even the window was opaque due to the dirt that had built up.

Billy decided to look in the bedroom and as he stuck his head through the door he had to take a step back because he was so shocked at the sight of a puddle of blood on the bed with a severed arm lying in the middle of it. Shockingly
he whent up in to the attic AND THEN !Billy hered some foot steps then it made a LOUD HHHHHHHRRRRRRR! and then he shut the attic as fast as he could and then he said to himself, "I wish I never whent up there but oh my god what was that?"

Then he ran out the door and saw the dusty sine then he wiped the dust off then he read it then he thort of a plan so he fownd out that it was a zombie then he made a trap for the zombie. The trap was to tie a piece of string to the attic door and when the zombie tripped over this string a bucket full of heavy rocks would fall onto the zombie's head!

Billy shouted to the zombie, "Come out, come out wherever you are. I'm not scared of you. You stink like diarrhoea!" The zombie heard this and came running out. Suddenly the plan came together and the bucket fell on the zombie's back. It didn't kill the zombie but it made him only able to crawl along the floor very slowly.

Billy ran outside the hotel and rang up the magazine Heavy Rock World and sold the story of the crawling zombie to them. He made £2 million pounds and the zombie now goes to all the concerts with the Zombie Crawlers. Everyone was a winner!!!!

by Emily Jane Foster i'm 7 years old

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