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Arachne the Spinner

Worthing, England

Arachne is a wonderful weaver and she is the best weaver in the world. All the people of all the towns and cities come and whach her weave beautiful patterns. One day Arachne was sitting wondering what to weave then she saw a shooting star rocket across the dark starlight sky then she had an idea she was going to make a piece of work with shooting stars in it.

As time went by Arachne had finished her piece of work and was very proud of it. Then all of the sudden there was a big bang on the door Arachne opened it to find a old lady with a big furry chot on she was waiting outside she walked in and said what wonderful piece’s you have made, you must have been taught by the goddess Athena wisdom and craft. The old lady was so jealous that she desided that Athena will go and take part in a compaction with Arachne to see who is the best at making wonderful patterns so they did it.

Days past and Arachne and Athena had finshed and have comperd what they had done, Athena had put all the gods and goddess having a drink and a dance but Arachne had put a star glowing in the dark sky Athena was so angry that she ripped it up and forced Arachne to leave and live in the wood so poor Arachne ran into the wood, then Athena hung Arachne from a big tree and turned her into a spider then Athena ran away!

AND SHE STILL MAKES PATTENS IN HER WEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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