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Revenge of Panzitous

A myth submitted to the site by Bob Dash

Zhirtec, Zhirtec

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived an evil ogre. I'm joking my story is not Shrek 4, although if it was it would be amazing. My story is about a planet called Zhirtec which was inhabited by gods. On there was an evil, ferocious and mean god named Bob, which in Panadol, god language means Skelecticous, god of death. He had betrayed his brother Panzitous.

About 1000 years later, yes little, short weak children which is basically a description of myself, "that is a long time," Skelecticous decided to take over Zhirtec and no kids this is not like your daily lunchtime where your friend Tim takes your butter chicken. I'm talking about a god who is willing to kill or eat anything in it's path to achieve it's goal, so sit back and relax in your gold class seat and get prepared to listen to my amazing story.

So as I was, Skelecticous decided to take over Zhirtec. When Panzitous heard about this he knew he had to stop him, even if it meant killing his own brother, so he set out to find the an army to stop Skelecticous. He traveled for day trying to find the perfect army, and he finally did, an army of pigs! Skelecticous searched too knowing his brother would come for him and he too found the perfect army, an army of sheep!

Skelecticous knew the only way to take over Zhirtec was to kill his brother, so he went to find Panzitous, and after day the two finally came head-to-head.
"I let you win me last time, but this time we will win!" screamed Panzitous
"We? You and what army?" asked Skelecticous.
"Me and my army of pigs," and as he said this a team of pigs started marching towards Panzitous.
"Oh yeah well i have got a herd of sheep." exclaimed Skelecticous. The battle lasted day with blood, sweat and pigs. The battle moving back and forth, pigs on the offensive side and sheep on the offensive side.

Then finally Panzitous saw his opportunity, he ran around trying to flank Skelecticous's team and he did, then he finished then battle off by killing Skelecticous. The battle was over. Skelecticous uttered his last words, "This is not over." Then Panzitous had a thought, he used Skelecticous to create the universe using all the power inside of him and sacrificed himself to create life in one of the planets, he named it earth, in Panadol that meant full of life.

Legend has it that the reason for evil could be that remains of Skelecticous still remain in planet earth.

By Bob Dash
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