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  • Magic:
    The art of changing or influencing the course of events by using supernatural forces, the occult control of nature or witchcraft.
  • Magical:
    1. Like magic or as if produced by magic. 2. Amazing or enthralling.
  • Magician:
    A person skilled in magic such as a wizard or conjurer
  • Magnificent:
    1. Grand or splendid in appearance 2. Excellent
  • Malevolent:
    Wishing to harm people.
  • Malicious:
    Somebody with the desire to cause another ill-will or is vindictive to others
  • Manifest:
    In myths this is mainly used to describe the appearance of a spirit or something that is made clear to someone by appearing before them.
  • Maras:
    Roman word from which we get nightmares. Maras were evil ghosts who often tormented people at night.
  • Market:
    A place where goods are brought and sold.
  • Marsh:
    Low lying land flooded in winter and usually watery all year round
  • Martyr:
    A person who is killed or made to suffer for his or her beliefs.
  • May Day:
    1st May often used to involve a festival with dancing and celebration.
  • May Day:
    1st May often used to involve a festival with dancing and celebration.
  • Maypole:
    A decorated pole with ribbons attached for dancing around on May Day.
  • Maze:
    Complex network of paths designed to puzzle those trying to find their way through it.
  • Meagre:
    Lacking fullness, scanty or poor.
  • Mean-spirited:
    Small minded, malicious or nasty in behaviour.
  • Menacing:
    Threatening or dangerous person or situation.
  • Mermaid:
    Mythical creature that is part fish part human, with body of a person and the tail of a fish. The mermaid in Britain is most likely derived from Celtic legend. A mermaid sighting are usually thought to be linked to storms, rough seas and possible shipwreck.
  • Merman:
    A man from the sea.

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